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    What Is Training?

    The Training Module allows the user to track employee specific information related to training activities.

    The module is divided into four functions:

    • Class Catalog
    • Class Schedule
    • Employees
    • Reports & Analysis

    The Class Catalog function allows you to record all classes that are taught throughout your organization. The Class Schedule function allows you to schedule classes. The Employees Function allows the user to record, view and edit information linked to a specific employee. Within the Employees Function, the user can access an employee's Employee Basic Information, Class History, and Incident History Summary. The Reports & Analysis function allows you to generate reports to see when someone needs retraining or re-certification. In addition, there are a number of training email alerts that are sent based on set criteria.


    What is Training Content? 

    Online safety training courses can be purchased as add-ons to the IndustrySafe Training Module. With this training content add-on, training managers, employees, and even contractors can sign up for, view, and complete online training courses directly from the Training Module.

    Online safety training courses are automatically added to your site’s Catalog. Training managers can schedule employees for online courses using the Class Schedule function. Learners can launch online courses from the Training Module's home page, or from the Employee Basic Information page within the Employees Function. Training Managers can use the Training Module's Reports & Analysis function to push deeper into online training results. The Training Module's email alerts also notify employees of upcoming and overdue online courses.