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    What are System Functions?

    The System Functions module contains the administrative functions of IndustrySafe. The module is comprised of: Preferences, Users, Monthly Stats, Facility Profile, Employees, Setup, and Reports

    The Preferences section allows you to Set Preferences, which includes how many records are displayed per page, language settings,clearing Summary Screens, Dashboard Filters, Dashboard Reports, and Show/Hide settings. Users can also select a report logo to display. The Preference section also allows users to change their email and password for IndustrySafe.

    The Users section is where Administrators can Add/Edit User Levels and the permissions each user level has, Add a new User, view the User summary, and send out a Broadcast Email to all IndustrySafe Users.

    The Monthly Stats section allows Administrators to add hours for each facility. These hours are used in IndustrySafe to generate incident rates.

    The Facility Profile section allows an Administrator to add a new facility, or view the Facility Summary where users can see all Facilities, and edit any existing facilities.

    The Employee section allows an Administrator to add a new employee, or view the Employee Summary where users can see all Employees, and edit any existing employees.

    The Setup section is where Administrators can Edit Forms for any of their available modules, Edit E-mail Templates, edit their Incident Work Flow, use the Employee Import Wizard, add Photo/Logo to the site and reports, do a Hierarchy Update, Change Translations, Edit Observation Checklists, do an Inspection Checklist Import, or Edit Inspection Checklists.

    In addition there is a Reports & Analysis section which contain global reports, mostly related to email notifications and email alerts, but also contain a Usage Tracking Log where users can see what users have been in IndustrySafe, as well as a User Audit log which shows log in time for the last 30 days. There is a Data Import log that will show any errors or failed updates that occurred in when data was imported.