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    Types of Fields

    Throughout IndustrySafe there are 10 types of data fields: currency, date, drop down, employee search, hyperlink, note, number, text, text area, and time.

    The following explains the basic function of each field type:

    • Currency – Allows users to enter a currency amount. IndustrySafe automatically formats the field with a dollar sign and only accepts numerical values in this field.
    • Date – Allows users to enter a date manually or pick a date from a popup calendar.
    • Dropdown – Allows users to select a single value from a list that you define. The dropdown values can be edited by selecting the hyperlink labeled “Dropdown.” For more information on editing dropdowns, please see page 13.
    • Employee Search – Allows for an end user to start typing an employee’s name and IndustrySafe will search for all employee records that meet the criteria.
    • Hyperlink – Allows users to click on the field, and open a URL in a separate browser window for a url that you define. The url must be a valid web address with no more than 2,000 characters.
    • Note – Allows users to view a read-only note on the form based on a note description you provide. Notes can be any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols up to 1,000 characters.
    • Number - Allows users to enter any number. This is treated as a real number and any leading zeros are removed.
    • Text – Allows users to enter any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols up to 255 characters in a single line text box.
    • Text Area – Allows users to enter any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols up to 4,000 characters in a multi-line text box.
    • Time – Depending on your global setting, this field type allows users to enter a time in either AM/PM format or 24 Hour Time.