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    Reports Module

    Getting Started

    The reports module allows the user to create custom and pre canned reports, view and share reports, schedule reports, and more.  Additionally, it also allows for a wide range of configuration options that will help meet any organization needs. This guide provides an overview of the basic features available to all users.

    The module is divided into 4 functions:

    • Standard Reports - Allows you to create reports through one of our log or pre-canned reports. 
    • My Reports - Allows you to see all of the reports that you have created and saved into IndustrySafe. 
    • Shared Reports - Allows you to see any reports that were shared by another user.
    • Recent Reports - Allows you to view your most recent report that you have worked in.

    Entering Data 

    Within each module section are one or more log reports. To Learn more about navigating through IndustrySafe's log reports, please visit our Analysis Grid article for more information. 

    Module Reporting

    For more information about what types of reports can be found under the various modules, please follow one of the links below:

    • Claims Module 
    • Inspections Module
    • Hazards Module
    • Observations Module
    • Corrective Actions
    • Training Module
    • Home Module
    • Industrial Hygiene Module
    • Job Safety Analysis
    • System Functions - All of the below reports allow you to select your output (PDF, Word, Excel), filter down through hierarchy layers, and select a date range. Please see below of all available system function log reports:
      • Contractor Log Report - Summary log of contractor information.
      • Data Export Log - Log of automated export files.
      • Data Import Log - Log of automated import files.
      • Employee Information Log - Log of employee information.
      • Hours Worked Log - Log of monthly statistics data.
      • Scheduled Reports Log - List of scheduled report statuses.
      • User Activity Log - List of user actions.
      • User Login Activity Log - Log of user logins.


    Scheduled Reports 

    While this module does not house email alerts like other modules, users can create their own scheduled reports to either themselves, or other available users within IndustrySafe. To create a scheduled report, please follow the steps below:

    Creating a Scheduled Report:

    1. Navigate to either the "My Report" or "Shared Report" find a report that you would like to schedule.
    2. In the "Scheduled" column, click on the "Plus" sign to schedule a report. (Another way to do this is open the report, click on the "Open" link at the top of the page, and click on the "Add/Edit Schedule button".)
    3. You will then be brought to the scheduling report box. To add recipients to this report, click on the "Click here to select report recipients" 
    4. After your recipients have been selected and saved, you can now schedule a frequency for the report by adjusting the following: Schedule frequency, start time, run date, and whether you would like to provide a PDF or Excel spreadsheet of the report.


    Related Topics and Articles 

    Searching for File Name

    If you are aware of the file name and the Report tab that the file is located under (IE: Recent Reports, My Reports, Shared Reports, and Standard Reports), you can use the search bar at the top of the module to quickly find the report you are looking for. By starting to type in the file name, you can see in real time the options that appear in the list below.

    Deleting Reports

    Once you have created a saved report, users who have the permissions to delete (defined in their user level), are able to delete file(s) as well. There are two ways you can delete a file, please see below:

    1. Navigate to either the "My Reports" or "Shared Reports" tab. From here, if you look in the "Delete" column, by clicking on the red (x) you can then delete a file.
    2. You can also delete a file by clicking into an existing file, or by clicking on the "Open" link within a log report. From here, all available files will be displayed. To delete one of these files, simply click on the "Delete" box.

    Note: A warning pop up window will appear asking if you are sure if you would like to delete the report. Click on "Ok" to delete the report.