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    Training Email Alerts

    There are a number of Email Alerts that are sent out automatically based on set criteria defined in the System Functions module. Only employees that have an email address in the basic employee information table will receive a training alert.

    The following are a list of some of the available Training Email Alerts:

    1. Invited: Sent to employees who are invited to a class
    2. Declined: Sent to employees who declined a class invitation
    3. Class Enrolled: Sent to the employee when enrolled in class. The email also provides a link to Support Documents associated with the class.
    4. Withdrawn: Sent to employees who are withdrawn from a class
    5. Class Coming Soon: Sent to the employee within [X] days of class start date
    6. Class Ended: No Attendance: Sent to the employee [X] days after class end date if "Employee Attended" does not equal yes
    7. Class Ended Results: Sent to the employee [X] days after class end date if "Employee Attended" equals yes
    8. Class Retraining: Sent to the employee [X] days before class next required date
    9. Supervisor Required Training Summary: Sent [FREQUENCY] to the supervisors of all employees with required training in the next [X] days
    10. Training Attendance Supervisor Alert: Sent [FREQUENCY] to supervisors whose employees did NOT attend a scheduled class in the past [FREQUENCY]

    *FREQUENCY can be Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or Quarterly