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    Tracking Hours Worked and Generating Incident Rates

    In IndustrySafe you may track hours worked for all of your employee as a group, or you may track hours for different types of employees using worker types (ex: Employee, Contractor, etc.).

    If you are setting up a new site, you will need to add your facilities (locations) and employees or contractors to your IndustrySafe site before you can add an incident or enter hours worked.  See the Quick Start Guide for more information on this set-up (below).

    If you are using the IndustrySafe Demo Site or your site has already been set up, follow these steps to enter hours worked and generate incident rates:

    Tracking Incidents by Worker Type

    To track hours and generate incident rates by worker type follow the steps bellow:

    1. Go to System Functions > Set Up > Edit Forms
    2. Select New Incident Form for the Recording Form and Basic Information for the Section.
    3. Change the status of the Worker Type Field to Enabled (You may also Rename the Field).
    4. Select the Save Button.
    5. Click on the Drop Down hyperlink next to the Worker Type field.
    6. On the next screen add your worker types.


    Entering Hours Worked

    To enter hours worked follow the steps bellow:

    1. Go to System Functions > Monthly Stats and click on the System ID of the Facility you wish to enter hours for.
    2. Click on the green plus button in the upper left to add statistics for a new year or click on an existing year to update that record.
    3. On the Monthly Statistics Page enter the Average Number of Workers and Number of Hours Worked for each Month for each worker type.

    NOTE: This information is also displayed on your OSHA Logs.


    Incident Rate Reports

    To generate Incident Rates follow the steps bellow:

    1. Go to Incidents > Reports & Analysis
    2. Click on the link for either the Recordable Injury & Illness Rates, Near Miss & First Aid Rates, or Three Year Recordable Injury Rate Reports.
    3. Select your filter criteria.
    4. Select the Create Report button.


    IndustrySafe Quick Start Guide

    View the Quick Start Guide here.