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    Add a New Field

    New fields can be added to any recording forms. When adding a new field the user can define the field label, field type and if it is a required field. If the new field is a drop down, the user can also populate the drop down values. New fields.

    Adding and Modifying Users End User Guide

    This guide describes the process for adding and editing users and user levels using the IndustrySafe Safety Management Software.  To download and view the guide, click the link below:

    Advanced Configuration Settings

    Select IndustrySafe recording forms include Advanced Configuration Settings when using the Edit Forms feature in System Functions.

    Asset Inventory

    System Administrators can complete an asset inventory to include all of their assets (similar to completing a facility profile).   Once the asset inventory is populated in IndustrySafe, key asset information (such as vehicle information) can be.

    Browser Settings: Disabling Pop-Up Blockers

    The last step in setting up IndustrySafe is verifying your browser settings. To use IndustrySafe you must allow pop-up windows to appear and be able to download active x viewers. Most computer configurations allow you to adjust your pop-up settings.

    Configuring Email Alerts

    System Administrators are able to edit IndustrySafe's automatic email notifications and alerts using the Email Template Editor. This tool allows System Administrators to make formatting changes and edit the text of IndustrySafe's automatic email.

    Configuring Fields and Drop Downs in IndustrySafe

    The Edit Forms Section of Setup allows System Administrators to add and edit fields, edit drop down values, configure additional features, and define email alert criteria. To configure a recording form go to System Functions > Setup > Edit Forms and.

    Configuring Observation Checklists

    The Behavioral Based Safety Observation form includes a default checklist with a predefined list of categories and subcategories that are automatically listed when an observation is added. A system administrator may configure checklists and.

    Configuring the Hazards Module

    IndustrySafe allows users to configure the hazard recording form and email alerts. For the recording form, users may change field labels, make fields required or optional, enable or disable fields, modify drop down menu options, add new fields, move.

    Configuring Users and User Levels

    A user's access to IndustrySafe is controlled by two settings: the user's User Level and the Hierarchy the user is assigned to.  A user level controls a users access to modules and recording forms (none, read only, or Add/Edit), reports, email.

    Creating and Configuring Inspection Checklists

    The Inspection module includes many pre-built inspection checklists including: General Checklists, OSHA 1910 Checklists, OSHA 1926 Checklists and VPP Compliance Checklists. These pre-set checklists may be used right away, or you may configure them.

    Data Security

    IndustrySafe, Inc. places top priority on protecting the privacy and security of our customer safety data.

    Disabling a Field

    Disabling a field will remove a field from a recording form.

    Edit a Drop Down

    Editing a Drop Down means that you can change the values that appear in a particular drop down either by editing the value, adding a new value or archiving an existing value. Archiving an existing value means that the value will appear in all.

    Edit a Field

    Editing an existing field label means that you change the field label of an existing field. For example, you can change a field originally labeled "Estimated Cost of Corrective Action" to "Estimated Cost."

    Editing a Record

    With the appropriate user level setting, users can edit records for every module. To edit a record, simply select the module. Find the record you wish to edit using the sort and filter functions of the summary screen. Select the System ID for the.

    Entering Monthly Statistics (Hours Worked)

    This guide describes the process for inputting Monthly Statistics using the IndustrySafe Safety Management Software.  To download and view the guide, click the link below:

    Facility/Location Hierarchy Setup Assistance

    As part of the IndustrySafe Setup and Configuration Assistance Service, TRA will assist you with setting up your Facility / Location Hierarchy.

    Form Editor

    The IndustrySafe Form Editor allows you to modify your safety recording forms to meet the needs of your organization. It is divided up into three components: Publish Elements, Field and Features Panels, and Form Layout.

    How Can I Add IndustrySafe as a Trusted Site?

    If you are getting a message that you have been logged out of IndustrySafe due to Inactivity immediately after you log in, your browser may not be accepting cookies from the IndustrySafe server.  To fix this you can change your browser privacy.

    How Do I Change my Language?

    By default, IndustrySafe displays all fields and drop down menus in English.  You may change your language by going to System Functions > User Preferences > Set Preferences.  On that page, select the language you wish to use and select the Update.

    How to Change an Employee ID

    Because IndustrySafe uses Employee IDs to link employees to incidents, training, and other records, users cannot change an employee's Employee ID directly on the Employee Basic Information Form. To change an employee ID, follow the steps below.

    How to configure inspection checklist statuses

    IndustrySafe's inspection checklists include default inspection statuses. However, system administrators can configure unique inspection status values by checklist or by checklist item.

    Importing an Inspection Checklist Template from Excel

    The Inspection module includes many built-in inspection checklists including General Checklists, OSHA 1910 Checklists, OSHA 1926 Checklists and VPP Compliance Checklists. In addition to the built-in checklists, you may import new checklists into.

    Importing Employees - Video

    This video will demonstrate how to import employees onto IndustrySafe:

    Importing Facility Data into IndustrySafe

    To begin using IndustrySafe, you will need to enter data about your facilities or locations.  If you have a small number of locations, and do not wish to group them into regions or divisions, simply go to System Functions > Company Profile and click.

    IndustrySafe User License Types

    The user type determines the type of license that is utilized when a user is assigned to a user level.

    IndustrySafe, Inc. Hosted (Software as a Service) System Requirements

    To use the IndustrySafe Safety Management Software, an internet connection and a standard desktop or laptop are all you need.

    Initial Employee Import Assistance

    As part of the IndustrySafe Setup and Configuration Assistance Service, TRA will assist you with the initial import of your employee data.

    Is there a way to get around the 800 Employee Limit when uploading employee data from Excel?

    Please follow these links for your solution:

    Quick Start Guide

    To assist you in using IndustrySafe for the first time, we have developed a Quick Start Guide PDF and a series of short videos that outline the initial steps you need to take to begin using the software.  Download the Quick Start Guide PDF below to.

    Resetting Passwords

    End users and System Administrators have multiple ways to reset passwords and these options are described below.

    Types of Fields

    Throughout IndustrySafe there are 10 types of data fields: currency, date, drop down, employee search, hyperlink, note, number, text, text area, and time.

    User Language Settings

    By default, all IndustrySafe field labels and drop down values are displayed in English.  When adding new users, system administrators may select another language from the list of languages that have been enabled for your site.  A system.

    User Preferences

    In the User Preferences Section, all users are able edit his or her password, set the number of records they want to see in each page of a summary screen, and editing the email address associated with their username, and reset their dashboard and.

    What are System Functions?

    The System Functions module contains the administrative functions of IndustrySafe. The module is comprised of: Preferences, Users, Monthly Stats, Facility Profile, Employees, Setup, and Reports