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    Importing Employee Data into IndustrySafe

    There are two ways to import employee data into IndustrySafe: an Excel import wizard and an automated import service.

    Public Web Forms

    Public Incident Form End User Guide: The Incident Public Web Form enables organizations to have all stakeholders report incidents from any location. Stakeholders simply go to the web to report the incident. No login, username or password is.


    Does IndustrySafe Support Mobile/Handheld Devices, Including IPads? Users may access the IndustrySafe Safety Management Software using a mobile or hand-held device by browsing to the same address as they would from a regular computer and logging in.

    Available Services

    Single Sign On:  Users often have multiple user names and passwords to remember to log in to various software tools.  With IndustrySafe's secure single sign on process, users on a secure intranet can automatically be logged into IndustrySafe.

    Available Exports

    Exporting Data from IndustrySafe Using the FTP Export Process:  IndustrySafe has two types of export available; advanced search exports and FTP exports. The advanced search export is available as a free tool for IndustrySafe users within the.

    Automated Imports

    Importing Hours Worked into IndustrySafe: Organizations can automatically transfer hours worked data by location, worker type and month into IndustrySafe.  Data will be transferred to the Monthly Statistics Area in System Functions and utilized.