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    Industrial Hygiene Sampling End User Guide

    This guide describes the process for entering the results of Industrial Hygiene Sampling using the IndustrySafe Safety Management Software. This includes both personal monitoring and area sampling and the agents and amounts detected.  To view the.

    End User Guides

    IndustrySafe has developed end user guides to assist end users with the various modules of IndustrySafe.  These guides provide step-by-step instructions and screen shots to assist employees and managers with conducting basic data entry activities.

    Email Alerts

    Email Alerts are sent based on a set criteria. System Administrators have the ability to define the criteria and also disable the alert if so desired.

    Recording Forms

    Recording forms are web pages that allow for data entry. Users can enter data related to the subject of the module. Each module has at least one recording form. All recording forms are broken into sections. Sections are groupings of similar data.

    IndustrySafe Log Report Analysis Grid Quick Guide

    The purpose of the Analysis Grid is to provide a complete package of data analysis capabilities so that the IndustrySafe users can create powerful reports and dashboards.

    OSHA Compliance

    Detailed OSHA Reporting Guidance: Download the OSHA Guidance Document Below to Learn the Following:

    Job Safety Analysis Module

    Getting Started with Job Safety Analysis - New JSA:  The Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Module enables organizations to track hazards associated with specific jobs, through the use of recording forms and checklists. The software allows you to separate.

    Home Module

    Getting Started:  This guide describes the process for Navigating the Home module used throughout IndustrySafe Safety Management Software.  To download and view the guide, click the link below: Home Module End User Guide

    Incidents Module

    Getting Started: If you are setting up a new site, you will need to add your facilities (locations) and employees or contractors to your IndustrySafe site before you can add an incident.  See the Quick Start Guide for more information on this.

    Inspections Module

    Getting Started:  The Inspection module includes recording forms and checklists to be utilized for inspections and audits in a wide variety of areas, as well as analysis in the area of inspection/audit compliance. The default settings of the.

    Industrial Hygiene Module

    Getting Started with an Industrial Module - Agent Data: If you are setting up a new site, you will need to add your facilities (locations) to your IndustrySafe site before you can start with the Industrial Hygiene Module.  See the Getting Started.

    Training Module

    Getting Started The Training Module allows the user to track employee specific information related to training activities. The module is divided into four functions:

    Claims Module

    Getting Started:  The IndustrySafe Claims Module allows you to track Worker’s Compensation, Auto Liability, and General Liability Claims. For Worker’s Comp claims, you may generate a state specific first report of injury. In addition, a service is.

    Corrective Actions Module

    Getting Started: The Corrective Actions module allows users to generate corrective action plans and safety action items.  Tracking the assignment and status of problem reports enables timely completion of corrective action plans and improved.

    Observations Module

    Getting Started: The Observations module allows you to schedule, track and analyze Observation sessions.

    Hazards Module

    Getting Started:  The Hazards module allows users to identify, analyze and resolve hazardous conditions. The module contains a recording form and numerous pre-set reports that enable easy analysis of the identified hazards. In addition, in.

    Dashboard Module

    Getting Started:  If you are setting up a new site, you will need to add your facilities (locations) (and employees or contractors to your IndustrySafe site) and data in the module (i.e. incidents, training, corrective actions) for the key safety.