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    Summary Screens

    Summary screens allow users to access saved records. All modules have at least one summary screen. When entering a specific module, you will notice that the summary screen will always appear in the central workspace of the screen. All summary screens can be Sorted and Filtered. The following are some basic functions you can perform with a summary screen.

    View the Summary Screen
    The summary screen will appear in the central work space after you select a module. At the top of each summary screen, a message will display informing the user of the number of records retrieved in the summary screen.

    Sort the Summary Screen
    Sorting the summary screen organizes the summary screen in a particular order. A user can sort and/or filter by any of the columns of the summary screen. To sort the summary, select a specific column heading from the Sort Order drop down.  The page will automatically refresh with the records sorted based on the column you selected.  Your sort selection will be retained, even if you logout of the system.  To restore the default sort and filter options, click the Reset button.

    Filter the Summary Screen
    Filtering the summary screen limits the summary to those records that meet the filter criteria. The summary screen can be filtered by one or all of the columns in the summary. To filter the summary, select/enter the filter criteria for the columns with the magnifying glass from the summary screen.  If the column has a text box, enter the first few letters of your search criteria. Once you have identified your filter criteria, select the "Search" button, which will display the records that meet your filter criteria. Your filter settings will be retained, even if you log out of the system. To restore the default sort and filter options, click the Reset button.

    The Reset button removes all sort and filter criteria identified for the summary screen. The Reset button will return the summary screen to its default settings. Typically the default is all records for the past 30 days.

    Number of Records Retrieved
    The number of records retrieved is the number of records that meet your filter criteria. The number of records returned is displayed at the top of every summary screen above the column headings.

    If a large number of records are retrieved in the summary screen, the user can page through the summary by selecting the desired page s/he wishes to view. In the System Functions wrench> Preferences> Set Preferences, the user can set the number of records they would like to view per page. The default is 20 records.