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    Self-Registration for Training Content Users

    For Training Content Users who do not have a corporate email address, IndustrySafe provides a Self-Registration option to set a password using a personal email address (i.e. your.name@gmail.com).

    Self-Registration Work Flow

    The process starts when a user account is created for a training content learner without an email address.

    The System Administrator will then provide the following information to the user so that the user can self-register with an email address and set their password:

    1. The URL for the Self-Registration page: https://app.industrysafe.com/auth/register
    2. The User Name assigned to the user account.

    At this point, the end user can navigate to the Self-Registration page and provide their User Name (UserID).

    If the site does not have a valid training content license OR there are no training content users eligible for self-registration, the following message will be displayed:

    Self-registration is not available for this site.  Please contact your system administrator to set up your account.

    If the site does have a valid training content license and there are users eligible for self-registration, the following must be true for the user:

    • The user account is active
    • The user account does not have an email address associated with it
    • The user has not previously self registered
    • The user has access to training content (the Training Content Learner checkbox is checked on the user profile).

    If any of the items listed above are not true, the following message will appear, and the employee must ask their administrator for assistance with their account:

    Your account could not be located.  Please contact your system administrator to set up your account.

    Otherwise, the user will be prompted to enter a valid email address.  Upon successful validation of the email address, the user will see the following message:

    The user will also be sent the normal “Welcome to IndustrySafe” email for Training Content Learners which includes instructions on how to set your password. See here for more information on setting/resetting your password: Resetting Passwords

    In addition, the Training Content admin will receive a confirmation email that will say:

    Your employee, Jim Smith, has self-registered the following email address with a user account in IndustrySafe.

    IndustrySafe User ID: 12345ABC@abcmanufacturing.com

    IndustrySafe Employee ID: 12345ABC

    Email Address: jim.smith@gmail.com