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    Report Scheduler

    IndustrySafe's report scheduler tool allows administrators to schedule reports to be run and emailed out on a regular basis. Using the Report Scheduler, IndustrySafe System Administrators can set an exact date and time at which the report will be run and sent out, and can choose to rerun and send out the report on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. The report can be emailed as a PDF, CSV, or Excel attachment.

    The report scheduler tool is available within all of IndustrySafe's log reports.

    To get started, click the "Open" link within the log report's header to view Saved or Shared reports. Locate the report that you wish to send out, and click its "Add/Edit Schedule" button to open up the Report Scheduler tool.

    To learn how to build a list of your desired report recipients and set a report schedule, please review the following sections.

    Select Report Recipients

    1. Select the "Click here to select report recipients" button.

    2. The Recipients Wizard will appear.ReportScheduler1

    3. Search for recipients by filtering for their division, facility, user level, or by their employee name or employee ID number. Please note that Recipients must be IndustrySafe Administrator or Manager Users.  If you cannot find your recipient in the recipient list, please ensure that they have the appropriate IndustrySafe user license.

    4. After filtering, the available users will display in the Available Recipients window.

    5. Use the "Assign Recipients" button to move these individuals into the Assigned Recipients panel.

    6. Click the "Save" button to save the current list of recipients.

    7. Close the popup.

    Recipients Wizard

    Set a Report Schedule

    1. Open up the Schedule dropdown to choose the frequency at which your report will be rerun and emailed out. Admins may choose "Once" to run a report and send it out a single time, or can choose to have the report be run and emailed out on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

    2. Once you have selected the rate at which you would like your report to be run and sent out,  click the Clock icon.Report Scheduler's Time Picker

    3. The Time Picker will open and and you may select the time of day at which you would like your report to be run and emailed out.

    4. Click the Calendar icon and select the date on which you would like you report to be run and emailed out.

    5. Click the "Save Schedule" button.