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    Recording Forms

    Recording forms are web pages that allow for data entry. Users can enter data related to the subject of the module. Each module has at least one recording form. All recording forms are broken into sections. Sections are groupings of similar data fields. The following are key features of recording forms.

    Users can navigate the recording form using the table of contents or using the horizontal menu scroll bar. All recording forms have a table of contents, located at the top of the form which makes navigation of the form easy, by allowing the user to jump to a certain section of the form simply by selecting the name of the section located in the table of contents. At the end of each section a user can return to the top of the page by selecting the Return to Top link.

    The standard buttons on recording forms are Save, Print, Close, Delete. Depending on the user's user level, s/he will be able to view some or all of these buttons. Buttons are located at both the top and bottom of the form.

    Required Fields
    Fields marked with a red asterisks are required fields. Users will not receive a successful save message unless all required fields are completed with valid data.

    Successful Save
    If all appropriate data is entered, including all required fields, after the user selects the Save button a Successful Save will appear at the top of the form. If invalid data is entered or a required field is not completed, these field labels will appear at the top of the form along with the corresponding error message. The user can select the field label and will be taken to the incomplete/invalid field.

    System ID
    Every record is assigned a System ID. The System ID is a unique number that is assigned to the record by IndustrySafe. The System ID will be displayed on all saved recording forms. To access a saved recording form, users select the System ID of the record they would like to view.