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    Privacy Case and HIPAA User Level Within IndustrySafe

    IndustrySafe includes options to protect access of users to employee injury data -one option is the HIPAA checkbox in the user level matrix and the other option is the privacy case question on the Incident Investigation Form of IndustrySafe.  This article explains both options.

    The HIPAA checkbox in system functions -user level matrix (System Functions -Users -Add/Edit Levels -Edit User Level Access) should be unchecked to provide protection from users viewing employee injury data.

    If the checkbox option is not selected, "Private" will be displayed instead of the employee’s name, employee's id, and employee's title when the user views a form or report for an incident involving an employee injury. "Private" will also be displayed on any automatic incident email notifications generated.

    If this user role is selected, users with this user level will be able to see the names (ids and titles) of employees who have been injured when looking at incident forms and reports.

    The privacy case control is used when yes is selected for the question "privacy case?" on the Incident Investigation Form of IndustrySafe (Please note this privacy case question will only display on the Incident Investigation form if the incident involves an employee injury).  When privacy case equals yes, privacy case will display instead of the name of the injured employee on the OSHA 300 log.  (The OSHA 300 log is the only report (and/or form) impacted by the privacy case question on the Incident Investigation form.