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    IndustrySafe User License Types

    The user type determines the type of license that is utilized when a user is assigned to a user level.

    System Administrator / EHS Administrator - Users given access to System Functions, EHS Functions, or Add/Edit access to OSHA Recordkeeping or JSA Hazard Identification are counted as Administrator Users.

    System Functions grants a user access to the following features of IndustrySafe:

    • Facility / Location Profile
    • Edit Modules
    • Edit/Configure Recording Forms
    • Edit Email Templates
    • Edit/Configure Incident Workflow
    • Employee Import Wizard
    • Photo/Logo Upload Wizard
    • Update Hierarchy Wizard
    • User Level Manager

    EHS Functions grants a user access to the following features of IndustrySafe:

    • Edit Observation Checklists
    • Inspection Checklist Import
    • Edit Inspection Checklists
    • Document Library Manager
    • IndustrySafe User Broadcast Email

    OSHA Recordkeeping grants a user access to the OSHA Recordkeeping section of the Incident Investigation form. If this permission is set to None, then this section will not be displayed on that form. If the View Reports check box is selected, then the user will be able to generate the OSHA 301 Report, the OSHA 300 Log, and the OSHA 300a Summary Report.

    JSA Hazard Identification gives users the ability to edit the steps for a JSA, including Hazards, Controls and Risks for each step.

    Manager - Manager users may be given full access to IndustrySafe with the exception of System Functions, EHS functions, and Add/Edit access to OSHA Recordkeeping or JSA Hazard Identification.

    Managers also have limited views and functions of our analysis log reports, in that they cannot schedule log reports, or add charts. 

    Employee - Employee users' access to IndustrySafe is limited in each module as described below.  System Administrators can further restrict employee users and may determine what modules they can access.

    • Incidents: Add, view, or modify incidents where they are the involved employee
    • Corrective Actions: Add, view, or modify corrective actions where they are the responsible party or investigator
    • Inspections:  Add, view, or modify inspections where they are they investigator or manager.
    • Observations: Add, view, or modify inspections where they are the observer
    • Hazards:  Add, view, or modify hazards that they have reported or where they are the investigator
    • Home: Add, view, or modify tasks and events
    • Claims: Add, view, or modify claims for incidents where they are the involved employee
    • Training: View their training requirements and training history
    • Dashboards:  Full privileges
    • Industrial Hygiene:  No access
    • Job Safety Analysis: Add, view, or modify JSAs where they are the Supervisor or one of the Reviewers

    Employee users are unable to view reports outside of the dashboard module.

    Training Content Learner - If your organization has purchased IndustrySafe's training content add-on, employees that are enrolled in an online training class are assigned to the Training Content Learner user level if a user account has not been previously created for them. Training Content Learners can only view the My Training view of the Training Module's homepage, as well as their Employee Personal Information page.

    Note: System administrators cannot modify the Training Content Learner user level.

    Chart displaying the different user license type restrictions

    *Involved Employee only; ** Responsible Party or Investigator Only; ***Supervisor or Reviewer Only