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    IndustrySafe Release Notes - Winter 2020 - 6.4

    The Vector Solutions team is excited to announce its IndustrySafe 6.4 Release, which will be rolled out to all IndustrySafe / Vector EHS Management sites soon. The 6.4 Release will include the following new features:

    • An electronic signature component for Incident Public Web Forms
    • Updated user account lockout settings
    • Updated password history requirements
    • Remaining default fields added to Log Reports

    We make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. Please provide us with feedback on this release or provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding this release, please contact us at


    Electronic Signatures for Initial Incident / Incident Investigation Public Web Forms

    We have added a new electronic signature component to the Initial Incident and Incident Investigation Public Web Forms.  The component is enabled via the Form Editor and will be displayed on the Incident Details page after users submit the Initial Incident or Incident Investigation Public Web Form(s).


    Using this feature, users can now add and view signatures on each of those forms.  

    By default, the e-signature feature will be disabled, but can be enabled using the Form Editor.  Simply open the Form Editor, select the respective form and change the setting to “ON” within the “Additional Features” panel. For more guidance on using IndustrySafe’s Form Editor, see our detailed guide.


    Updated User Account Lockout Settings

    A new user account lockout setting has been added to the IndustrySafe / Vector EHS Management application.  User accounts will now be locked out after the user has attempted to login using an invalid password on five consecutive attempts.   The number of failed logins that trigger a user account to be locked out can be configured by the IndustrySafe support team if needed.  

    A warning message will be displayed when the user has 2 or 1 attempts left before their account is locked out.  

    If a user’s account does become locked, an error message will be displayed to alert the user that they have exceeded the maximum number of failed login attempts. To unlock their account, the user must reset their password using the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page or contact their system administrator to reset their password.

    Updated Password History Requirements

    The password history requirements have been updated for the Vector EHS IndustrySafe application. When users attempt to change or reset their password, they may no longer reuse one of their five most recent passwords. If the user enters a password that has been previously used, the system will reject the password and an error message will be displayed.


    The number of previous passwords that may not be used can be configured by the IndustrySafe support team if needed.

    Default Fields Added to Log Reports

    All of the default fields from the corresponding recording forms have been added to the analysis grid log reports listed below.  With this update, all log reports in IndustrySafe will include all default fields from the corresponding recording forms.

    • Claims Log
    • Employee Information Log
    • Environmental Incidents Log
    • Hazards Log
    • Incidents Log
    • Incidents Corrective Actions Log
    • Inspection Log
    • Inspection Details Log
    • Observations Log
    • Required Training by Profile Log
    • Required Training by Job Title Log
    • Security Incidents Log


    Enhancements and Bug Fixes 

    • Various bug fixes for Training Module
    • A “Submitted By” field has been added to Incident Report Complete Alert
    • Improvements to the JSA recording form and print out report
    • Improved user restriction settings in the Incidents Log reports
    • System ID column added to the Hours Worked Log