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    IndustrySafe Release Notes - Summer 2020 - 6.2

    The Vector Solutions team is excited to announce its IndustrySafe 6.2 Release, which will be rolled out to all IndustrySafe sites soon. The 6.2 Release will include new features such as an electronic signature component for our incidents module, a shortcut menu within the navigation bar that can include hyperlinks to other Vector applications, an asset import service, and the ability to send real-time email alerts for inspection results from the Inspections Public Web Form.

    We make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the software. Please provide us with feedback on this release or provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, please contact us at

    Electronic Signatures for the Incident Module

    We have added a new electronic signature component within the “Additional Features” sections of the Initial Incident and Incident Investigation forms.

    6.2 - Additional Features

    This feature will allow users to add one or more electronic signatures to an Initial Incident and/or Incident Investigation form.  

    6.2 - E-signature


    By default, the e-signature feature will be disabled, but can be enabled for both the Initial Incident and Incident Investigation forms using the Form Editor.  Simply open the Form Editor, select the respective form and change the setting to “ON” within the “Additional Features” panel.  


    6.2 - form editor

    Currently, this will be available only for the Initial Incident and Incident Investigation recording forms in the web application, but will be rolled out to other modules in our upcoming releases. Stay tuned! 

    Shortcut Menu within the Navigational Bar

    Within the navigation bar, we have added a new shortcut menu that provides users with easy access to other Vector Solutions applications.  The shortcut menu icon will be hidden by default and will only display when one or more hyperlinks have been added to a site by IndustrySafe Support. (Contact a support representative today to configure the links in your site).

    When one or more hyperlinks have been added to an IndustrySafe site, the menu will be displayed next to the current profile menu:

    6.2 menu

    When expanded, an icon will appear along with a name of each link.  Clicking on any of the links will open a new tab.

    6.2 - shortcut menu


    Asset Data Import

    An Asset Data Import was created to provide IndustrySafe customers with an easy method of Importing their assets into the system.  This import service simplifies the process of managing a large amount of asset records in IndustrySafe.  After each import, an audit log can be generated to display the results of the import.

    Real-time email alerts from Inspections Public Web Form results

    We have added a new feature to our Inspections Public Web Form that will allow the investigator to receive an email containing the results of the inspection after it is submitted via the Inspections Public Web Form.  System Administrators can enable this alert by navigating to System Functions > Setup > Edit Forms > Inspections Recording Form > Email Alerts.  The contents of the email may be configured using the same Email Template Editor used to configure all of the IndustrySafe email alerts.

    Better Integration with the Convergence LMS

    As IndustrySafe continues to become a part of the Vector Solutions family, we have begun taking steps to integrate with other Vector Solutions products, beginning with Convergence Training’s Learning Management System (LMS).  At IndustrySafe, we have created an automated export process that will allow IndustrySafe to automatically send employee and hierarchy data to Convergence Training on a daily basis.  This will eliminate the need for clients to import users and hierarchy into both systems and will ensure consistency between the two applications.

    Enhancements and Bug Fixes 

    • Added department AND contractor filters to OSHA 300, 300A, 301 Reports
    • Display past due online courses on the My Training Page
    • Manager user view has been updated to include all functionality in the Reports Center as well as the Share button in log reports
    • Addition of a CSV Export Format for Scheduled Reports
    • Various security enhancements for recording forms
    • Speed improvements