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    IndustrySafe Release Notes – Summer 2016 – 5.8

    We, at TRA, make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the software. Please provide us with feedback on this release or provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, please contact us at

    A more detailed PowerPoint presentation on the release is available here.

    5.8 Webinars

    We will be offering free live webinars covering the new features in the 5.8 Update. Use the links below to register for these webinars and visit our webinar page for a complete list of upcoming and recorded webinars:

    Email Enhancements

    The 5.8 Release provides IndustrySafe System Administrators with the ability to edit the subject lines and body text of IndustrySafe's automatic email notifications, including formatting changes.

    To edit email notifications, simply select the System Functions wrench, followed by Setup and Edit Email Templates. Then select the notification you wish to edit from the dropdown menu. A preview of the email notification will appear and you can edit the email template by selecting the Edit button.

    IndustrySafe's 5.8 update also contains two new Incident email alerts, the New Incident Alert for Involved Employees and the New Incident Alert for Supervisors. The New Incident Alert for Involved Employees is sent out to the person identified as the involved employee on the New Incident Form when an incident is first added or when the involved employee is changed. In addition, IndustrySafe administrators can configure this email alert so that it is also sent out to the involved employee's supervisor or HR supervisor, to the preparer of the incident form, or to the individual to whom the incident was reported.

    The New Incident Alert for Supervisors is sent to the person identified as the supervisor on the Incident Investigation Form when an incident investigation is first added or when the the supervisor is changed. Administrators can configure the New Incident Alert for Supervisors so that it is also sent out to an incident's involved employee, their HR supervisor, to the preparer of the incident form, or to the individual to whom the incident was reported.

    IndustrySafe's new email editor


    Corrective Action and Training Module Analysis Grid Enhancements

    IndustrySafe's 5.8 Release also includes reporting enhancements within the Corrective Action and Training Modules. Two new fields, "Originating Record Date" and "Originating Record Description" have been added to IndustrySafe's Corrective Actions Log to improve tracking of linked Corrective Actions.

    The Training Module's Required Training by Job Title and Required Training by Profile Reports have been upgraded to log-style reports to provide users with enhanced data analysis capabilities. The Training Module's CDL Renewal and Medical Exam Renewal Reports have also been combined into a new Employee Information Log, which can be used to track employees that are past due or have a coming due medical exam or CDL, as well as other key information such as a worker's employment status, hire date, and more. To open up the Employee Information Log, simply go to the Training Module, click "Reports and Analysis" and select the report from the dropdown menu.

    For more information about IndustrySafe's analysis grids, please review our Analysis Grid Quick Guide, which provides an overview of the reports' basic features that are available to all users, and our Analysis Grid Advanced Guide, which covers the advanced features of these reports that are only available to Administrator users.


    Preview Form Editor Changes

    System administrators can now preview edits they plan to make to recording forms using the Form Editor's new Print Preview button.

    After clicking the Print Preview button, a PDF will open displaying exactly how an end user will view an edited form, so that administrators can preview their edits before publishing their changes.

    For more information about IndustrySafe's Form Editor, please review our Form Editor Guide.

    The Form Editor's Print Preview Button


    Add-on for Online Safety Training

    IndustrySafe's 5.8 Release will also allow customers to purchase online safety training courses as add-ons to the Training Module. With this training content add-on, training managers, employees, and even contractors will be able to sign up for, view, and complete online safety training courses directly from the Training Module.

    Our extensive catalog features approximately 150 popular online safety training courses. For a full list of the many safety training courses that are available, and to play short preview videos of our courses, visit the IndustrySafe website's new Safety Training Catalog.

    Interested in learning more about IndustrySafe's training content? Contact us to schedule a demo.


    Training Home Page Updates

    As part of IndustrySafe's 5.8 release, the Training Module's home page has been updated to feature a new "My Training" view that will allow users to view only their own training information.

    Employee users that navigate to the Training Module will now be taken directly to this "My Training" page, instead of to their Employee Information page.

    Administrator and Manager users that have been granted access to the Training Module's Class Catalog, Class Schedule, and reports, will be able to use the "Home" and "My Training" tabs to toggle between their current home page view of the Training Module, and the new "My Training" view.

    Screenshot of the current Training Module's home page

    Screenshot of the new "My Training" page

    The My Training page features three panels, "My Classroom Training," which displays an employee's upcoming classroom training and allows an employee to withdraw from courses.

    Screenshot of IndustrySafe's My Classroom Training panel

    If your organization has purchased IndustrySafe's online safety training add-on, the "My Online Training" panel will display the upcoming online safety training classes than an employee has been assigned to take. Employees can click the "Start" or "Continue" buttons located next to each course to begin or continue taking their scheduled online training.

    IndustrySafe's new My Online Training Panel

    The "My Training Information" panel features helpful navigational buttons that employees can click to view all upcoming classes, view all of their required classes, view their employee profile, and view their training history.

    My Training Information panel