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    IndustrySafe Release Notes - Spring 2020 - 6.1

    The IndustrySafe team is excited to announce its 6.1 Release, which will be rolled out to all IndustrySafe sites soon. The 6.1 Release will allow for easier navigation to the Employee Summary Screen and adding employees, as well as provide new features to our analysis grid reporting.

    We make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the software. Please provide us with feedback on this release or provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, please contact us at

    Custom Fields 

    We have added custom fields to all of IndustrySafe's log reports! You are now able to view those custom fields and filter them throughout reports to create the report you need.  The custom fields will be found under the default fields.

    Employee Summary Screen Navigation 

    The Employee button will now be easily available on the Home Module screen. This button will allow you to easily navigate to the Employee Summary Screen, which is located to the left of the green Add New button.


    We have also added a "Back to Employees" link from the employee basic information page to improve navigation to the Employee Summary Screen.


    Manager user licenses can now use all functions within analysis grid reports, including the ability to add charts or crosstabs, create formulas, and group/aggregate their data. They will also now be able to schedule reports. 

    Bug Fixes 

    • Add Employer ID Number to OSHA 300A CSV Export
    • Allow for PGP file encryption in data import service
    • Various security enhancements for recording forms
    • Speed improvements