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    IndustrySafe Release Notes - Spring 2017 - 5.11

    We, at TRA, make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the software. Please provide us with feedback on this release or provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, please contact us at

    A more detailed PowerPoint presentation on the release is available here.


    5.11 Webinars

    We offered free live webinars covering the new features in the 5.11 update. Use the links below to view a recording of these webinars and visit our webinar page for a complete list of upcoming and recorded webinars:

    Creating an OSHA 300A CSV File Report

    IndustrySafe's OSHA 300A Create Report page has been updated so that you can comply with OSHA's final ruling requiring the electronic submission of recordkeeping data.

    This update allows you to easily generate and download a CSV file of OSHA 300A data for your applicable establishments. You can then upload your CSV file to OSHA's Injury Tracking Application (ITA) site, once this site is made available by OSHA.

    To generate a CSV file, go to Incidents > Regulatory Reports > OSHA 300a, and select "OSHA CSV" as the report's output format.

    You can choose to group your records by Facility, Business Group, Region, or Division. After selecting any desired filters, simply click the "Create Report" button to generate your CSV file.

    If your organization's CSV data does not meet OSHA's validation criteria, an error message will display providing you with additional information about the issue.

    You can click the “Ignore Error” button if you still wish to generate the report, and the download will start promptly.

    OSHA extended the submission deadline to December 1, 2017. The Injury Tracking Application (ITA) that will allow safety professionals to submit their 300A data to OSHA will be available August 1, 2017. CSV files downloaded from IndustrySafe will be accepted by the ITA. However, if you open the file and then attempt to save it, Excel will default to saving the file as a Unicode text, which will not be processed by the ITA. Please be sure that if you open or edit any CSV files from IndustrySafe, you are saving them as Comma Separated Values. 


    Customer Requests and Fixes

    • A new User Login Activity Log has been created to assist system administrators with trouble-shooting log in issues. To open this report, simply go to System Functions > Reports > User Login Activity Log.
    • The Report Scheduler Tool has been repaired so that all schedules can now be edited successfully.  Previously, certain schedules were intermittently unmodifiable.
    • A typo has been corrected within the Dashboard module's "Incidents by Day of Week" chart.
    • The Department dropdown field will become a search field if many values are available for the field.
    • When users create an OSHA 300 log and group the log by hierarchy layers other than facility, the correct city and state will now display on the report.
    • The Attach File button's functionality has been restored within Claim forms in which the Reserve and Payments fields have been removed.
    • The dropdown modal for the Instructor1 field in will now appear within the Training Class Schedule Form Editor.
    • The Business Group dropdown field's functionality has been restored within the Training module's Class Catalog form.
    • The Date Last Updated field on the Incident Form Summary Page has been repaired and will now display the appropriate date.
    • The Class Schedule Form Editor has been repaired so that the Form Editor will only display hierarchy levels that are currently in use.
    • Changes will now autosave correctly when users update the Observation Alternate Form using the Form Editor.
    • The Claims Import service has been updated so that claims are only created for specified incident types.
    • A translation bug has been corrected so that the text within the New Incident form's navigation menu, and Attach File and Send Email buttons are now translated correctly for non-English speakers.


    New and Updated Online Training Courses

    The following new and updated online training courses are now available for customers that have purchased IndustrySafe's Training Content Add-on.

    Construction Safety

    • Caught-In/Between Hazards in Construction Environments - NEW!
    • Struck-By Hazards in Construction Environments - NEW!

    General Safety

    • Hazard Recognition (Spanish Language)
    • Safety Housekeeping & Accident Prevention

    Regulatory Compliance

    • Bloodborne Pathogens in Commercial and Industrial Facilities (Spanish Language)
    • Bloodborne Pathogens in First Response Environments (Spanish Language)
    • Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities (Spanish Language)
    • Fitness & Wellness (Spanish Language)
    • HIPAA Rules & Compliance (Spanish Language) - NEW!
    • Introduction to OSHA - NEW!
    • Tuberculosis in Healthcare Environments (Spanish Language) - NEW!