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    IndustrySafe Release Notes -Spring 2014 -5.4

    5.4  Release Notes

    New 5.4.2 Update Note -In September 2014, TRA will update IndustrySafe 5.4. to include enhanced print-outs of all recording forms.  See below.

    We, at TRA, make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the software. Please provide us feedback on this release, view detail release notes, and provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, please contact us at

    A more detailed powerpoint presentation on the release is available here.

    5.4  Webinars
    We will be offering free live webinars covering the new features in the 5.4 Updates.   We will be announcing the dates and times for these webinars via the website, email and twitter.  Check our webinar page: for all of our webinars.

    Enhanced Print Outs -5.4.2 September 2014 Release
    We have merged the "Printer Friendly View" and "Print" features on recording forms into a single print function. You can now click the print button to get a PDF print-out that displays all the fields on the form, linked records (such as corrective action items) and all images attached to the record.

    Employee Pages
    The employee page for each individual employee has received a face lift as well as several new features.   Users can now directly add attachments to an employee record and view observer and observer history information (for organizations with the Observations Module).   Employees can also view upcoming classes directly from this page as well as link to training calendar to enroll in additional classes.

    employee profile

    Class Schedule
    The Class Schedule Summary Screen has been revised so that  trainers can directly enroll employees into classes without first going to the class schedule form.  The class schedule form has been enhanced with an updated look and feel and combined the enrollment wizard and the results class update in one modal pop-up.  The class schedule also now includes options to enable open enrollment (meaning that employee users (and other users) can self-enroll in open classes via the class calendar function)  The class schedule also includes the ability to set a maximum class size for each class that will prevent employee users from enrolling in classes that have reached the maximum limit.

    Enrollment and Results Wizards
    The enrollment and results wizards have been updated to include an enhanced interface and a class invite option (Previously employees could only be enrolled in a class).  The invite option allows Training Managers and Supervisors to invite employees (with automatic emails sent to each invited employees) to the class and have employees choose to accept (or decline) the invitation.  Employees who accept the invitation will be automatically enrolled in the class.  Employee Users can also enroll for other classes using the open enrollment feature (and also withdraw from classes).   The withdraw feature has been updated so that employees can now automatically receive an email if they are withdrawn from a class.


    Calendar Features
    The Class Calendar has been updated so users can view a complete training calendar.  Employee users will be able to enroll and withdraw from classes that they have been invited to and/or are classes with open enrollment.   Training Managers and Administrators will be able to view all applicable classes on the calendar and manage the enrollment of those classes from the calendar.

    IndustrySafe Class Calendar

    Saving and Sharing Reports
    All analysis grids custom reports can now be shared among all applicable IndustrySafe users.   IndustrySafe Administrators can now share custom reports they create in the analysis grid by selecting the share button next to the report name (when opening an existing reports).   Shared reports will be available to all applicable users.

    Enhanced Reporting
    Our new enhanced reporting features are available in the following log reports including:

    • Employee Injury Log
    • Incident Corrective Actions Log
    • Observations Detail Log -New
    • Observations Corrective Actions Log
    • Training Log -New

    These reports include all of the following:

    • On-the-fly reporting: Filter and sort in real time without having to generate a separate report each time
    • Layout: Choose from a list of columns those you want to display in the log
    • Filter: Ability to create sophisticated and complex filters including multi-select, starts with, contains etc.
    • Group: Group incidents by multiple criteria including locations, incident type, employee etc.
    • Aggregate: Ability to count or total incidents by grouping; i.e. count how many incidents of each incident type or how many incidents by employee etc.
    • Chart: Create a chart of your incident log data and export to the dashboard.
    • Crosstab: Create a crosstab or pivot table of your data
    • Save: Ability to save your report settings (previously all reporting settings were reset after leaving that report)
    • Sharing;  Ability of IndustrySafe Administrators to Save and Share reports with other users

    Additional Reporting Features
    There have also been other additional reporting features including:

    • Additional fields added to the Incident Log including severity, probability, risk assessment, date submitted, and claims information
    • Near Miss and First Aid Incident Rates Report -new report that allows users to view incident rates for all incidents, incidents without an employee injury, incidents with an employee injury, and incidents involving first aid.

     Additional Observation Dashboards
    Two new  Observation Dashboards -Observations by Time of Day and Observations by Day of Week have been added to IndustrySafe standard dashboards. (Users need to go to Change Dashboard panel to add these charts to their Dashboard).

    Observations by Time of Day, Observations by Day of Week

    Multi-Select Area of Body and Body Part
    Area of body and body parts (available on the incident investigation form for employee injuries) are now multi-select drop downs.  Users can now select multiple areas of the body and multiple areas of the body for injuries.

    Linked Incidents
    Users can now link incidents together for those incidents in which a single event caused multiple employee injuries.  Users simply go to the Add Button on the Choose Incident Page and select Linked Incidents.  A new incident form will be generated with information auto filling from the original incident and the user can simply enter the name of the additional injured employee.  The additional injured employee will have their own incident forms but will always be connected to the original incident.

    Monthly Statistics Summary Screen
    The Monthly Statistics Summary Screen has been updated to included additional columns including:

    • Current Months Hours Worked
    • Last Month Hours Worked
    • Current Years Hours Worked
    • Last Year Hours Worked
    • Years With Data

    Facility Search Feature
    For organizations with more than 20 locations, IndustrySafe now allows for a facility search feature on all recording forms and reports where users can select facilities.  Users can go directly to the facility search feature to search for and select their facility.   When selecting a facility first, other layers of the hierarchy will automatically auto-fill.  Users do not need to select other layers first prior to searching for the facility.   The facility search also includes a Show All which will allows users to view all applicable facilities within their hierarchy selection.

    Facility Search Tool

    Child Form Updates
    Child forms in IndustrySafe have been updated to allow for easier additional and deletion of items.   Child forms are must often used in the Incident Investigation form and Witnesses, Vehicles, Lost and Restricted Date Ranges are examples of child forms.

    Mobile Tablet Redesign
    The mobile tablet web screens of IndustrySafe have been updated to allow for improved ease of use when conducting inspections and observations, especially inspections and observations with long checklists.  This feature is available on recommended IndustrySafe Tablets.  We are continuing to work on enhancing the IndustrySafe experience on mobile devices -so stay tuned for future updates.