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    IndustrySafe Release Notes - Fall 2020 - 6.3

    The Vector Solutions team is excited to announce its IndustrySafe 6.3 Release, which will be rolled out to all IndustrySafe sites soon. The 6.3 Release will include the following new features:

    • An electronic signature component for the Inspections, Training, and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) modules
    • Training History redesign within the Incident Investigation Recording Form and Employee Profile page
    • Ability to add Job Safety Analysis records using mobile devices
    • Updated email frequency
    • Hours Worked Log

    We make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. Please provide us with feedback on this release or provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding this release, please contact us at

    Electronic Signatures for Inspections, Training, and Job Safety Analysis Modules

    We have added a new electronic signature component within the “Additional Features” sections of the Inspections, Training Class Schedule, Training Class Results, and Job Safety Analysis recording forms. 

    6.2 - Additional Features

    Using this feature, users can now add and view signatures on each of those forms. 

    esignature - jane doe


    By default, the e-signature feature will be disabled, but can be enabled using the Form Editor.  Simply open the Form Editor, select the respective form and change the setting to “ON” within the “Additional Features” panel. For more guidance on using IndustrySafe’s Form Editor, see our detailed guide.


    6.2 - form editor


    Training History redesign within the Incident Investigation Recording Form and Employee Profile

    As IndustrySafe continues to integrate with Vector Solutions’ LMS platforms (including Convergence Training) we have made updates to the Employee Training History features on the Incident Investigation form and the Employee Profile page. In addition to the design updates described below, clients of Convergence Training will now be able to see an employee’s training history directly in IndustrySafe.

    On the Incident Investigation form, the display of the Involved Employee’s training history has been replaced by a new “Training History” modal window that opens when the user clicks the new “Training History” button in the Incident Analysis section.

    training history 1

    The modal contains the Employee Name, Employee ID, training history, and options to export or print the employee’s training history. 

    training history modal

    In order to provide a consistent display of training history across our application, the same features were implemented on the employee profile page. Clicking on the “Training History” link on that page will now open the same “Training History” modal as seen on the Incident Investigation form.

    training history link-1

    In addition, the “Required Classes” link on that page has been re-titled “Required Training.” 

    required training

    This link opens a new “Required Training” modal which contains the Employee Name, Employee ID, the required training data for the employee, as well as an option to export or print the employee’s required training.

    training history 2

    Clients using the IndustrySafe training module on a mobile device will also see design updates for the way training data is displayed. Now, when tapping on the “My Training” button on the mobile home screen, the user will be directed to the "My Training" page instead of the Employee Profile page.

    mobile training history

    In addition, tapping on the "View All Required Classes" and "View My Training History" buttons will now open a new mobile layout that displays the employee’s training data with filtering and list tiles detailing specific course information.

    View All Required Classes:

    eqruired training mobile

    View My Training History:

    training history mobile

    Ability to add Job Safety Analysis records using mobile devices

    A new “Add JSA” button was added to the mobile homepage that is displayed after a user logs in on their mobile device. Tapping on the “Add JSA” button displays the Job Safety Analysis recording form which allows the user to add one or more Job Safety Analysis records to IndustrySafe.

    mobile web

    Updated email frequency

    We’ve recently updated our email service so that application-generated emails will be received in real time within 5 minutes of form submissions. In addition, scheduled email alerts will now be sent to recipients between 7 and 9 am each morning.

    Hours Worked Log

    A new analysis grid report, called the Hours Worked Log, allows users to access and report on data from the Monthly Stats module, including hours worked and miles driven. It will be located in the Reports Center under the System Functions section.

    hours worked log

    Enhancements and Bug Fixes

    • OSHA Missed and Restricted Days Count - Calculation Changes
    • Vector Solutions logo updates
    • Inspection Checklist updates
    • The Report Scheduler’s add/remove scheduled recipients feature now displays the correct number of recipients when saved
    • The Resend link now works in both the My Reports and Shared Reports tabs in the Reports Center
    • Case sensitivity has been removed from filters in analysis grid reports
    • The Agent column has been added back into the Industrial Hygiene Sampling Log
    • The Category column in the JSA Log now displays the category value
    • Analysis grid exports to Excel now export to the latest version of Excel
    • The Company Activity graph on the Home screen has been modernized
    • The Vehicle Incident Log now includes the Initial Incident Description in the default view