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    IndustrySafe Release Notes - Fall 2017 - 5.12

    We, at TRA, make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the software. Please provide us with feedback on this release or provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, please contact us at

    A more detailed PowerPoint presentation on the release is available here.


    5.12 Webinars

    We will be offering free live webinars covering the new features in the 5.12 update. Use the links below to register for these webinars and visit our webinar page for a complete list of upcoming and recorded webinars:


    Inspections Public Web Form

    The 5.12 update introduces a new public web form that works in conjunction with IndustrySafe's Inspections Module.

    IndustrySafe’s public web forms allow any stakeholders in an organization to submit data to IndustrySafe, without requiring them to have a username or password.

    Stakeholders need only click a link to take them to the Inspections Public Web Form.

    Stakeholders utilizing the Inspections Public Web Form will fill out an inspection checklist. They will have the ability to leave comments on each line item, as well as add attachments.

    Once the inspection is completed, stakeholders will be taken to a confirmation screen verifying that their inspection was submitted to IndustrySafe. While on the confirmation screen, stakeholders have the option to add any additional attachments, print a hard copy of the recording form, or submit another inspection via the Inspections Public Web Form.

    The Inspections Public Web Form is an extra cost item that organizations can purchase as an add-on to IndustrySafe's Inspections module. Please note that the Inspections Public Web form must be used in conjunction with the Inspections module.


    Inspection Status Configuration Enhancements

    Previously, edits made to the Inspection Checklist Status field would be applied to all items in all inspection checklists. With the 5.12 update, however, system administrators will now be able to configure unique status values for a single checklist or even for a single checklist item.

    System administrators can configure inspection status values from the Edit Inspection Checklist page within System Functions.

    Stay tuned for more detailed instructions on how to configure unique statuses for your checklists and line items.

    Corrective Actions Enhancements

    System administrators are also given additional configuration options for the Corrective Actions recording form with the 5.12 update.

    Previously, system administrators were not able to configure status values for Corrective Actions, and were limited to using IndustrySafe’s default statuses of “Open” or “Complete.” The 5.12 update now allows administrators to edit these status options, or add new status values using the Form Editor to better track corrective actions that are in progress or partially complete. System administrators can also use the Form Editor’s advanced logic to prompt users to complete additional fields based on the status selected.

    System Administrators can now add the Severity, Probability, and Risk Assessment fields previously only available in the Hazards, Incidents, and Job Safety Analysis modules to the Corrective Action Form. These fields will assist users in determining the priority of a corrective action. These fields can be added to the Corrective Actions Recording Form by system administrators using the Form Editor.

    The IndustrySafe team has also added the Severity, Probability and Risk Assessments fields to the Corrective Actions Log to allow for trending and reporting with these fields.


    Monthly Statistics Recording Form Update

    The Monthly Statistics recording form used to record the number of employees, hours worked and miles driven has been redesigned with the 5.12 update in order to make incident rate reporting and monthly stats data imports quicker and easier for users.

    Additional guidance on how to enter monthly stats using the new form layout will be available shortly.


    Improved Log Report Loading Speeds

    Loading speeds have been significantly improved for IndustrySafe's log style reports.

    In addition, the process for building formulas within log reports has also changed as part of this update. Any existing formulas that you have applied to analysis grids will need to be updated to use a new syntax.

    The IndustrySafe Support Team has developed a helpful article that reviews these changes, and provides examples of commonly used formulas that will need to be updated.

    You may also contact for assistance with creating and updating formulas.


    New and Updated Online Training Courses

    The following new and updated online training courses are now available for customers that have purchased IndustrySafe’s Training Content Add-on.

    General Safety

    • Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Managers and Supervisors
    • Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees
    • Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees in Construction Environments
    • Dealing with Hazardous Spills
    • Fitness and Wellness (Spanish Language)
    • Hot Work and the Permitting Process - NEW!
    • Welding Safety

    Regulatory Compliance

    • Hearing Conservation and Safety
    • Indoor Air Quality


    Customer Requests and Fixes

    • Facilities with incident data but no hours worked data will now be included in the Recordable Injury & Illness Rates Report and the Near Miss & First Aid Rates Report
    • Admin users can now change the field labels and required setting for fields in the General Claim Form’s Basic Information and Location sections
    • Dashboard panels involving incident rates will now calculate properly if there is a comma contained in the description of a hierarchy field
    • A column has been added to the Incident Log and Employee Injury Log that contains a link to view the record in IndustrySafe when a report is exported to a PDF
    • When using the recurring inspection wizard, the Detailed Location and Asset Unit Number fields will now be copied to each new inspection
    • An error message will now display when a user attempts to launch a course after their organization’s training content license has expired
    • Users will now be able to add an employee whose Employee ID number contains a colon to training class rosters
    • The Vehicle Accident Log will no longer list incidents twice if they have more than one claim linked to them
    • An error has been fixed in which links to a claim from an incident produced the wrong record when clicked
    • The Section and Location fields will automatically switch from dropdown to search fields when many sections and locations are available, similar to the Facility and Department fields.