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    IndustrySafe Release Notes – Fall 2016 – 5.9

    We, at TRA, make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the software. Please provide us with feedback on this release or provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, please contact us at

    A more detailed PowerPoint presentation on the release is available here.

    5.9 Webinars

    We will be offering free live webinars covering the new features in the 5.9 Update. Use the links below to register for these webinars and visit our webinar page for a complete list of upcoming and recorded webinars:

    Inspections, Observations, and Job Safety Analysis Form Editors

    The 5.9 Update provides IndustrySafe System Administrators with the ability to configure IndustrySafe’s Inspections, Observations, and Job Safety Analysis recording forms to an even greater degree using the new Form Editor, which was previously rolled out to the recording forms in our Hazards, Corrective Actions, and Incidents modules in our 5.6 and 5.7 updates.

    Using the Form Editor, admins can reorder, rename, remove, or create new fields and sections on all Inspections, Observations, and Job Safety Analysis recording forms. Fields can also be laid out in two columns, which can help reduce the length of forms. In addition, tool tips and notes can be added to any field, which can contain instructions or hyperlinks to help explain fields to your end users.

    A detailed description of the main features of the Form Editor are provided in this article, as well as in this short video.

    IndustrySafe's Inspections Form Editor

    Dashboard Updates

    IndustrySafe's Dashboard has been updated with a brand new filters panel that allows users to easily filter the Dashboard by multiple locations, supervisor names, and worker types. This new filters panel contains the following multi-select filters: Business Group, Region, Division, Facility, Facility Type, Facility Category, Client, Subclient, Program, Section, Location, Department, Supervisor Name, and Worker Type.

    To open up the filters panel,  click the "Display Filters" button located in the top left corner of the Dashboard. Clicking the panel's Apply Filters button will apply your selected filters to the Dashboard. Clicking the Save Filters button will save your selected filters so that they will be applied each time you open the Dashboard. Clicking the Reset Filters button will clear your saved filters, and clicking the Reset Dashboard button will reset you dashboard panels to the default layout and remove any custom charts and graphs that have been added.

    Additional information about the main features of IndustrySafe's Dashboard module can be found in our Dashboard articles.

    IndustrySafe's Dashboard and filters panel, displaying its multi-select filtering capabilities.

    Log Report Enhancements

    IndustrySafe's report scheduler tool has now been added to all of IndustrySafe's log reports. For more information about this feature, please review our Report Scheduler Guide.

    Additional enhancements have also been made to IndustrySafe's log reports that provide users with greater control over the formatting of charts and graphs, as well as the ability to quickly and easily create charts and graphs on the fly, and create comparisons between two sets of data.

    Improved Formatting and Organization

    As part of the improved look and feel of analysis grids, formatting and organization changes have been applied to the layouts of these reports. For example, at the top of the page, the Formula, Filter, Add Chart, and Add Crosstab tabs are displayed beneath the log's heading components. To access the Columns, Sort, Group, Aggregate, and Paging tabs, users can click the gear icon located next to the Table heading.

    In addition, users can now click column headings within the log's table to open up and select the following sorting, formatting, and reporting options:

    • Sort A-Z
    • Sort Z-A
    • Filter - allows users to select a value to filter the column by
    • Group - groups the log by the values in this column
    • Aggregate - allows users to create counts of the data entered into each column row
    • Format - allows users to adjust a column's text alignment, date format, and make other formatting changes
    • Add Chart - creates a suggested chart or graph based on this column, which users can edit if desired.
    • Add Crosstab - allows users to set crosstab columns, rows, and cells based on the column selected, as well as other recommended columns
    • Hide Column

    Sample of IndustrySafe's analysis grid's new look and feel

    Suggested Charts and Graphs

    A suggested chart or graph will automatically display after a column's Add Chart option is clicked. The suggested chart that displays will contain intuitive proposed aggregates and more based on the column selected. If the suggested chart is not what you had intended to create, you can easily edit the chart's data column, aggregate, and more to create your desired chart or graph.


    When creating a new chart, you can now use a new Compare Column to compare two sets of data. For example, the charts below display the number of incidents that did or did not involve an employee injury, as well as the number of these incidents that were OSHA recordable.

    Comparisons can be displayed in a few formats, with the comparison data being incorporated into the main data column as shown in the first chart below, or broken out into its own separate columns as shown in the second chart below.

    A sample chart displaying the numbers of incidens in which an employee was involved, and the number of incidents that were OSHA recordable.


    For more information about IndustrySafe's log reports, review our Analysis Grid Quick Guide.

    For a more detailed guide to advanced log report features available only to Administrators, review our Analysis Grid Advanced Guide.

    Customer Requests and Fixes

    We greatly appreciate the feedback that we receive from our customers and always strive to update the IndustrySafe software based on your ideas and suggestions.

    The following customer requests and fixes have been implemented with the 5.9 Update:

    • The Export to PDF, Export to CSV, and Export to Excel buttons no longer shift to the far right edge of the screen when log reports reload.
    • When a log report is exported to a PDF, the logos and report title in the PDF header are now spaced evenly across the page, and are no longer left-aligned.
    • If your organization has edited the field label for the "Was an employee injured?" field, your edited field label will now display in Incident email alerts.
    • You can now add IndustrySafe's secondary cause dropdown to the secondary cause subform using the Incident Form Editor. In addition, the Form Editor will now autosave when subforms are added to a form.
    • Information entered via the Incident Public Web Form into the Vehicle Involved, Other Vehicle Involved, Witness Information, and Non-Employee Injury subforms will now successfully save.
    • The add attachments and re-occurring task scheduling functionalities have been restored to the  Task form. In addition, when linking Tasks to Incidents, the Originating Type or ID will now autopopulate.
    • The Enroll button has been restored for employee users in the Upcoming Classes list for open enrollment classes.
    • An intranet address can now be added as a hyperlink field using the Form Editor.
    • Check boxes on the New Incident Form can now be successfully set to be checked off by default using the Form Editor.
    • The Business Group, Region, Division, Section, and Location hierarchy fields have been added to Corrective Action email alerts.
    • Files that contain Chinese characters in their titles can now be successfully attached to records.
    • The Training Data Import process has been updated so that Employee ID and Email Address checks are no longer case sensitive.
    • The Incidents by Supervisor report will now generate successfully when users filter by Facility.
    • The Recordable Incident Rate Report will now list all facilities within the associated hierarchy layers when the report is exported to Excel.
    • You will no longer be prompted to select a program with which to open an attached file that has been downloaded from a record. The file will now open automatically.
    • The Training Content Learner License field label is now hidden from the user form for customers that have not purchased IndustrySafe's training content add-on.
    • When the dashboard module is open for a long period of time and the system times out, IndustrySafe's standard time-out message will now appear.
    • You can now link directly to summary screens from outside of IndustrySafe. If you are not logged in already, clicking a link to a summary screen will take you to IndustrySafe's login page and then to the summary screen upon logging in. If you are already logged in, clicking the link will take you directly to the summary screen.