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    IndustrySafe Release Notes Fall 2013 - 5.3

    5.3 Release Notes

    We, at TRA, make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the software. Please provide us feedback on this release, view detail release notes, and provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, please contact us at

    A more detailed PowerPoint presentation on the release is available here.

    5.3 Webinar Series

    We will be offering free live webinars covering the new features in the 5.3 Updates.   We will be announcing the dates and times for these webinars via the website, email and twitter.  Check our webinar page: for all of our webinars.

    Enhanced Log Reporting -Multiple Modules

    Our new enhanced reporting features are available in the following log reports including:

    • Vehicle Incident Log -New
    • Environmental Incident Log -New
    • Security Incident Log -New
    • Claims Log
    • Claims Payment Log
    • Corrective Action Log
    • Inspections Log
    • Hazards Log
    • Observations Log -New
    • Corrective Actions Log
    • Required Training Report
    • IH-Sampling Log
    • IH -Exposure Assessment Log
    • Task Log
    • Event Log
    The Vehicle Incident Log includes the ability to create a DOT Accident Register per 49 CFR §390.5.  Please see DOT Accident Register Article for more information,

    These reports include all of the following:

    • On-the-fly reporting: Filter and sort in real time without having to generate a separate report each time
    • Layout: Choose from a list of columns those you want to display in the log
    • Filter: Ability to create sophisticated and complex filters including multi-select, starts with, contains etc.
    • Group: Group incidents by multiple criteria including locations, incident type, employee etc.
    • Aggregate: Ability to count or total incidents by grouping; i.e. count how many incidents of each incident type or how many incidents by employee etc.
    • Chart: Create a chart of your incident log data and export to the dashboard.
    • Crosstab: Create a crosstab or pivot table of your data
    • Save: Ability to save your report settings (previously all reporting settings were reset after leaving that report)

    Dashboard Maps

    Longitude and latitude have been added to the New Incident Form and can autofill based on section and location. A new dashhboard Map - Incidents By Location will map incidents based on this longitude and latitude including drill down and zoom capabilities.  More detail is available in the following Longitude and Latitude article.

    Incidents by Location Dashboard Chart

    Revision and Form History

    All IndustrySafe forms now include a form history section that will allow users to view a revision history of the record including the date/time and user who creates and/or updates a record. This history section is enabled by default but can be disabled by IndustrySafe System Administrators.
    IndustrySafe History Section

    Training Profile

    The Training "Assign Class" Feature under Class Catalog in the Training Module has been replaced with the Training Profile.  The Training Profile offers additional features over the assign class matrix including the ability to assign multiple training profiles to an employee  (previously an employee could only be assigned one training profile based on job title) and for profiles to differ by location.  Previously the same job title in one location would need to have the same training requirements as the same job title in a different location.

    More information on the Training Profile is available on the Training Profile End User Guide.

    For Clients utilizing the assign classes matrix existing job profile data will be imported into the new profile feature as part of the release update.  The employee import service has also been updated to include a profile column.

    Applicable reports have been updated to include a Profile filter and a new report Training by Profile is available to end users.

    New Training Home Page

    The Training Home Page has re-designed to allow for improved ease of use and to highlight additional metrics.   Panels include required training (with additional date ranges) and improved scheduling feature, enhanced upcoming classes and training calendar, a chart of all training in the last 30 days, and a table displaying key training metrics.

    Training module home screen

    Mobile Phone Web Redesign

    The mobile phone web screens of IndustrySafe have been updated to allow for much ease of use to conduct inspections and observations.  This feature is available on all web enabled mobile phone devices by logging in to IndustrySafe.

    IndustrySafe mobile

    More information on the Mobile Phone Web Redesign is available on the Mobile Inspection Guide and Mobile Observation Guide

    Photo/Logo Update

    IndustrySafe has improved the IndustrySafe System Administrator interface for uploading your logos to IndustrySafe and now also offers the ability for individual users to utilize different logos for reports.  Please see our logo article for more information.

    Attachments Update

    Uploading Attachments is now easier and quicker than ever.  Attachments are named automatically and depending on browser versions multiple attachments can be selected for upload.  For image attachments, users can hover over to view a snapshot of the image.

    System Functions Home Page

    The System Functions Home Page has been redesigned to be more user friendly.  Links to key videos and webinars are available.  Webinars and videos are also available on the IndustrySafe YouTube channel: