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    IndustrySafe Mobile App Release Notes – Winter 2019

    We, at IndustrySafe, make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into our mobile app. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the app.

    Please provide us with feedback on this release or provide suggestions for new releases here: http://www.industrysafe.com/newcase.htm. If you have any questions or concerns regarding mobile app releases, please contact us at support@industrysafe.com.

    Incident Investigation Form – Now Available

    iOs / Android Version 3.0.0

    The Incident Investigation form has been added to IndustrySafe's mobile app with release 3.0.0. System administrators can enable Incident Investigation form sections within the mobile app for your organization using IndustrySafe's new Mobile Settings page.

    To access Mobile Settings, system administrators can log into IndustrySafe's web application andIndustrySafe Mobile Incident Investigation Form navigate to: System Functions > Setup > Mobile Settings.

    Once enabled, investigation form fields will appear when you are entering a new incident in the mobile app.

    If you do not have permission to access the investigation form, or if your system administrator has not enabled incident investigations for the mobile app, you will only be able to enter initial incident data.

    System administrators can determine which investigation form fields are available within the app using IndustrySafe’s Incident Investigation Form Editor.

    A complete list of all mobile incident default field statuses can be found in this resource.