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    IndustrySafe FTP Sever Information

    Once an FTP account has been setup for you on the IndustrySafe server, you may begin uploading or downloading data depending on the services you have purchased.  A user name and password will be provided to you once an account has been created.  IndustrySafe uses a secure FTP server so you will need to be able to connect to the server over port 22 and have an FTP client which supports sFTP.

    sFTP Server:     sftp://sftp.industrysafe.com
    sFTP Port:         22
    User Name: Provided by IndustrySafe, Inc.
    Password: Sent directly to sFTP Point of Contact via One Time Secret to
    Upload Directory: /incoming (place import files here)
    Download Directory: /outgoing (download export files here)

    In addition, if you are uploading facility, employee, annual stats/hours worked, incident, training, or user data, the name of the file will need to match the name provided to you along with your user name or password.  More information on importing data into IndustrySafe may be found by following these links:

    Data Import Specifications