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    IndustrySafe Analysis Grid Advanced Guide

    The purpose of the Analysis Grid is to provide a complete package of data analysis capabilities so that IndustrySafe users can create powerful reports and dashboards.

    An Analysis Grid consists of separate panels for controls, configuration, tables, charts, and cross tabs. Users can manipulate the controls, creating data analysis and presentations on the fly.  Word documents of these end user guides are available upon request as IndustrySafe System Administrators and/or TRA support analysts may want to modify these documents to match the specific IndustrySafe configurations made to their IndustySafe sites.

    To access the Analysis Grid User Guides, click the links below for the specific module that the guide corresponds to:

    This guide will help teach and help how to use all the Administrator features in the Analysis Grid. This Advanced Guide is ideal for helping understand the following Analysis Grids:

      • Home Module
      • Tasks Log
      • Events Log
      • Incidents Module
      • Incident Log Analysis Grid
      • Security Incidents Log Analysis Grid
      • Vehicle Incident Log Analysis Grid
      • Environmental Incidents Log
      • Employee Injury Log
      • Claims Module
      • Claims Log Analysis Grid
      • Claims Payment Log Analysis Grid
      • Inspections Module
      • Inspections Log Analysis Grid
      • Hazards Module
      • Hazards Log Analysis Grid
      • Observations Module
      • Observations Log Analysis Grid
      • Observations Details Log
      • Corrective Actions Module
      • Corrective Actions Log Analysis
      • Training Module
      • Training Log
      • Required Training Log
    • Industrial Hygiene Module
    • Exposure Assessment Log Analysis Grid
    • Sampling Log Analysis Grid

    IndustrySafe Webinar on Analysis Grid: