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    Importing Employee Data into IndustrySafe

    There are two ways to import employee data into IndustrySafe: an Excel import wizard and an automated import service.

    Employee Import Wizard

    If your organization has less than 800 employees, or will normally be importing less than 800 employees at a time, we recommend using the Excel upload wizard.  To import your employee data, browse to System Functions > Setup > Employee Import and follow the instructions in the wizard.  The link below provides a template that lists all the fields that may be imported into IndustrySafe using the wizard.  The Excel import wizard has a limit of 800 employees per upload.

    Automated Employee Import Service

    If you will be importing more than 1,000 employees at a time, or if you would like to automate the import so that the data is automatically transferred from your HR database into IndustrySafe, we recommend using the employee import service.  Using this service, organizations can automatically transfer employee data into IndustrySafe.  After each import, an audit log can be generated in System Functions that displays the results of the import.


    The automated employee import service for IndustrySafe is a value added service.  Please feel free to contact us for information on pricing or to set up your automated employee import service.