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    Importing an Inspection Checklist Template from Excel

    The Inspection module includes many built-in inspection checklists including General Checklists, OSHA 1910 Checklists, OSHA 1926 Checklists and VPP Compliance Checklists. In addition to the built-in checklists, you may import new checklists into IndustrySafe from Excel.

    To import a checklist from excel, your excel file will need to match the template provided by IndustrySafe.  You can use the link below to download the template or you can download the template from the Checklist Import Wizard in IndustrySafe.

    The template consists of 7 columns:

    1. Checklist Name: the name of the checklist (this should be the same for each checklist item).
    2. Checklist Number: a checklist reference number (this should be the same for each checklist item).
    3. Checklist Item Topic: an avenue putting a group of checklist items into a topic (ie. PPE, Housekeeping, etc.)
    4. Standard/Reference: a standard or reference number for the checklist item.
    5. Checklist Item Number: a number used to sort the checklist items (this must be a number).
    6. Checklist Item Description: a description of the checklist item.
    7. Checklist Item Points: a way to weight your checklist items. If you do not want to weight your checklist, input 100 for each row.

    All columns are required for every row of your checklist.

    Once you have a checklist in the format specified by the template, follow the steps below to import your checklist into IndustrySafe.

    1. Open the System Functions module by selecting the System Functions wrench at the top of screen.
    2. On the horizontal menu select Setup > Inspection Checklist Import.
    3. Select Safety Inspections for the Category.
    4. Click on the Browse Button to locate your excel file.
    5. Click on the Continue Button.
    6. On the next screen, match up the columns in your excel file with the corresponding IndustrySafe fields and select the Continue Button.
    7. On the next screen, confirm your selections and select continue to import your checklist.
    8. When the import is complete, IndustrySafe will display a summary of the number of checklists and checklist items imported.

    Once your checklist has been imported, you may use it to record the results of an inspection.

    1. Open the Inspections module by selecting the Inspections Tab.
    2. Click on the green plus sign in the upper left to add a new Inspection.
    3. Select Safety Inspections for the Category
    4. Select the Name of your inspection.
    5. Select the continue button.

    View a Sample Format for Checklists here:

    For more information on how to edit checklists once they have been imported into IndustrySafe follow this link.

    This guide describes the process for uploading and editing inspection checklists using the IndustrySafe Safety Management Software.  To download and view the guide, click the attachment below:

    Importing Inspection Checklists End User Guide