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    How to Change an Employee ID

    Because IndustrySafe uses Employee IDs to link employees to incidents, training, and other records, users cannot change an employee's Employee ID directly on the Employee Basic Information Form. To change an employee ID, follow the steps below.

    1. Locate the Employee ID you wish to change in the Employee Summary Screen.
    2. Click on the Employee ID to open the Employee Information Page.
    3. Click on the link for the Employee Basic Information Form.
    4. Click the Edit button next to the Employee ID field to open the Change Employee ID page.
    5. Enter the new Employee ID and click Change Employee ID.
    6. Click Yes to confirm.
    7. The Employee ID will be changed and a confirmation message will be displayed.  All records that were linked to the old Employee ID will now be linked to the new Employee ID.
    8. Click on the Employee's Name in the confirmation message to navigate to the Employee Information Page for the new Employee ID.