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    Getting Started with the IndustrySafe Dashboard

    Getting Started with IndustrySafe Dashboards

    If you are setting up a new site, you will need to add your facilities (locations) (and employees or contractors to your IndustrySafe site) and data in the module (i.e. incidents, training, corrective actions) for the key safety performance indicators you want to view before you can view the indicators.  See the Getting Started Guide for more information on this set-up (attached).

    If you are using the IndustrySafe Demo Site (or your site has been set up), follow these steps to review Key Safety Performance Indicators in the Dashboard:

    1. Go to the Dashboard module by selecting the Dashboard tab
    2. Select the Dashboard Tab you wish to View
    3. To change the reports displayed in a dashboard tab, select the gear button in the upper right of the tab to add panels.
    4. Click the Add button next to the reports you wish to view.  You may use the search box at the beginning to search for a Report (the search is case sensitive).
    5. Click the Done button
    6. The indicators you selected will be displayed in the first column of the dashboard.
    7. You may arrange the panels by clicking on a report title and dragging it to a new location.
    8. You can also filter you Indicators by Date Range, Locations, and Individual (Depending on the Indicator).
    9. To remove a panel, click on the gear to the right of the panel's report title and select Remove.

    View the Quick Start Guide Here:

    View a list of the Indicators and Metrics available in the IndustrySafe Dashboard by following this link.