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    Getting Started with the Industrial Hygiene Module - Agent Data

    If you are setting up a new site, you will need to add your facilities (locations) to your IndustrySafe site before you can start with the Industrial Hygiene Module.  See the Getting Started Guide for more information on this set-up below.

    Prior to conducting an area sample (follow this link), personal monitoring (follow this link), or qualitative exposure assessments (follow this link), you should set up your database of Agent data.

    To get started with entering your agent data:

    1. Go to the Industrial Hygiene module by selecting the Industrial Hygiene tab
    2. On the horizontal menu, select the green plus sign in the upper left and then select Add New Agent
    3. The Agent Recording Form will appear
    4. Complete the appropriate fields, including the required fields
    5. Identify how many agency standards (i.e. NIOSH, OSHA) you are using for that agent.
    6. Complete the appropriate limit fields and limit unit fields.
      Note: (The first agency standard you enter will be utilized when displaying/calculating limits for that agent in the other areas of the Industrial Hygiene Module)
    7. Select Save
    8. The Agent you just entered will appear in the Agent Summary.

    >> View the Quick Start Guide here.

    Once this agent data is entered, you can select the appropriate agent when conducting area sampling, personal monitoring, and qualitative exposure assessment.  You will not need to re-enter limits or toxicity on the other forms within IndustrySafe once you have completed your agent data.

    Toxicity Rating is a user entered number that is utilized to calculate the Exposure Rating Profile in the Qualitative Exposure Assessment.  IndustrySafe does not automatically complete the Toxicity rating for you.

    Did you know that all NIOSH Agent limit data is easily accessible here?