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    Getting Started with Hazards

    The Hazards module allows users to identify, analyze and resolve hazardous conditions. The module contains a recording form and numerous pre-set reports that enable easy analysis of the identified hazards. In addition, in evaluating the hazard, the user can use principals of Military Standard 88.2D; which takes into account the probability and severity of the hazard and then identifies a Mishap Risk Assessment for the hazard. The user is able to generate corrective actions to mediate the hazard.

    The IndustrySafe Hazards module includes a recording form and reports for reporting, tracking, and analysis workplace hazards.

    If you are setting up a new site, you will need to add your facilities (locations) to your IndustrySafe site before you can add an observation.  See the Getting Started Guide for more information below.

    If you are using the IndustrySafe Demo Site or your site has already been set up, follow these steps to add a hazard.

    1. Select the Hazards tab
    2. On the horizontal menu, select the green plus sign in the upper left to add a new Hazard.
    3. Complete the appropriate fields, including the required fields.
    4. Select the Save button.
    5. If all required fields are complete and all data is in a valid format, the successful save message will appear.

    Once a hazard is entered into IndustrySafe, the new hazard email alert is sent to the appropriate IndustrySafe users alerting them that a new hazards has been entered and providing them a link to the new hazard for further analysis.

    View the Quick Start Guide here.

    A public version of the hazards for is available as an add-on service that allows employees who are not IndustrySafe users to report hazards.  These hazards are entered into the Hazards Module and the appropriate IndustrySafe users are notified. If you are interested in our Hazards Public Web Form, please contact us.