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    Getting Started With an Area Sample

    If you are setting up a new site, you will need to add your facilities (locations) to your IndustrySafe site before you can start with the Industrial Hygiene Module.  See the Getting Started Guide for more information on this set-up below.

    Prior to conducting an area sample you should set up your database of Agent data. More information can be found here: Getting Started with the Industrial Hygiene Module - Agent Data

    Once you have set up your agent data, follow the steps below to complete an Area Sample.

    1.  Go to the Industrial Hygiene module by selecting the Industrial Hygiene tab
    2.  On the horizontal menu select IH Sampling>Add (+) New Sample
    3.  Select Area as your type of Sampling and Select Continue
    4.  The Area Sampling Form will apear
    5.  Complete the appropriate fields, including the required fields
    6.  Select Save
    7.  The Area Sample you just entered will appear in the Sampling summary.

    View the Quick Start Guide here.

    Required fields and drop downs for the Area Sampling Form (such as industrial hygienist lab, equipment, etc.) can be set-up under System Functions>Edit Forms>Industrial Hygiene -Industrial Hygiene Sampling

    Users can add as many agents and corresponding agent results as they would like to the Industrial Hygiene Area Sampling Form.