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    Generating DOT Vehicle Incident Logs

    Generating a Department of Transportation (DOT) Vehicle Log Re 49 CFR §390.15

    Accident Register Requirements

    49 CFR 390.15 requires that companies that operate a commercial motor vehicle fleet are required to keep an accident register for three years after the date of each incident.  The accident register includes the following:

    A list of accidents as defined at §390.5 of this chapter containing for each accident:

    • (i) Date of accident.
    • (ii) City or town, or most near, where the accident occurred and the State where the accident occurred.
    • (iii) Driver Name.
    • (iv) Number of injuries.
    • (v) Number of fatalities.
    • (vi) Whether hazardous materials, other than fuel spilled from the fuel tanks of motor vehicle involved in the accident, were released.

    Enabling the Fields to Generate the DOT Accident Log

    To Generate a DOT Log in IndustrySafe, ensure that the following fields are enabled:

    • Vehicle Involved Section: Did the vehicle incur disabling damage…
    • Vehicle Involved Section: Was hazardous material, other than fuel spilled…
    • Other Vehicle Involved Sub Form: Did the vehicle incur disabling damage…
    • Injury Section: Number of Fatalities
    • Injury Section: Number of people injured who immediately received medical…

    Vehicle Incident Grid Analysis for DOT Accident Log

    Then Filter the Vehicle Incident Log for all incidents where DOT Recordable = “Yes”

    The DOT Recordable Column on the Vehicle Incident Log is set to Yes for any incident where one of the following is true.

    • Vehicle Involved Section, “Disabling Damage” = Yes
    • Other Vehicle Involved Section, “Disabling Damage” = Yes
    • Injury Section, Number of Fatalities > 0
    • Injury Section, “Number of people injured who immediately received medical treatment away from the scene of the accident” > 0