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    Exposure Incident Tracking in IndustrySafe

    The recent pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) requires all organizations to closely monitor potential employee exposures to COVID-19 in order to combat the spread of the virus. IndustrySafe’s Incident tracking module can be used to identify employees involved in exposure incidents, monitor their condition, and analyze risk of further exposure.

    This article will assist you in configuring IndustrySafe track Exposure Incidents. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

    Configuring IndustrySafe to Track Exposure Incidents

    New Incident Form

    For exposure incidents, system administrators can create an “Exposure” value in the “Incident Type” field. This is done in the Form Editor by clicking on wrench icon next to the Incident Type field to open the "Edit Field Properties" module and then clicking the Field Type Dropdown hyperlink. For more information on the form editor, reference this article.  

    Clients can then add custom fields to track exposure specific information. These should be configured to show only when the Incident Type is an Exposure Incident using Advanced Settings the Edit Field Properties module.

    advanced configurations

    Common Custom Exposure Fields to Add:

    • Test results for exposure (Positive/Negative)
    • Method of exposure
    • Where the employee was transported to (if applicable)
    • Who reported the exposure

    Investigating Exposure Incidents

    Many of the fields standard with the Incident Investigation form can be applied for exposure incidents. The Employee Injury and Medical Treatment sections in particular capture many common data points, but require the question "Was an employee or directly supervised contractor injured?" to be answered "Yes".

    OSHA has recently clarified if COVID-19 exposure incidents are OSHA recordable. For organizations outside the healthcare, emergency response, and correctional industries, COVID-19 exposures should NOT be labeled as work-related unless there is objective evidence. 

    This will prevent IndustrySafe from automatically flagging exposure events as OSHA recordable while still capturing useful information that would appear on OSHA logs, such as tracking missed days of work. 

    Useful Fields Included in the Investigation Form:

    • Location of exposure
    • Body parts affected
    • Medical treatment received
      • Including medical facility and doctor information
    • Range of missed or restricted days of work due to illness
      • IndustrySafe will automatically count the of total missed/restricted days

    Ensuring Employee Privacy 

    Employee information regarding exposures, including exposure to COVID-19, must remain confidential and compliant with HIPPA regulations. 

    HIPPA privileges can be configured at the User Level by going to Account Icon > System Functions > Users > User Level > Edit. Under the User Roles section, HIPPA privileges can be granted by making sure the "HIPPA Box" is checked off. 

    Users who have a user level where HIPPA privileges is not granted will not see the name of the involved employee in either IndustrySafe or email alerts. Instead the involved employee will be shown as "PRIVATE". 

    Reporting on Exposure Incidents

    Using IndustrySafe’s Incident Log Report, clients can create a list of all employees involved in exposure incidents and monitor their conditions as they develop. This can be done in the log report by clicking the Filters Tab, and applying the filter Incident Type = Exposure. 

    Reports can then be configured to:

    • Count number of exposures by location
    • Monitor employee symptoms in 14-day incubation period
    • Calculate total number of missed work days by department
    • Track completion of corrective actions to exposure events

    For more assistance with configuring log reports, please review our Log Report Analysis Grid article