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    Data Security

    IndustrySafe, Inc. places top priority on protecting the privacy and security of our customer safety data.

    Physical Security

    IndustrySafe, Inc. hosts all IndustrySafe data in a secure state of the art data center which is SSAE 16 Type II certified. The data center includes:

    • 24/7/365 staffing
    • Monitored access through multi-level security system
    • Leading-edge fire protection and climate control systems
    • N+1 fully redundant power and HVAC; Multiple diesel generators tested weekly
    • Multiple Tier 1 fiber providers; physically diverse fiber conduits

    Only authorized IndustrySafe, Inc. personnel are allowed to access IndustrySafe, Inc. servers.

    Back Up and Storage

    All data on the IndustrySafe Server(s) is backed up on site at the data center and an off-site warm server on a daily basis. Weekly tests are conducted to ensure that the backups are performing correctly with more thorough disaster recovery tests conducted on a quarterly basis.

    Network and Security Monitoring

    The IndustrySafe Servers are behind their own firewall protection with a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall. The data center and IndustrySafe, Inc. monitor the logs and alerts generated by the firewall on an ongoing basis. IndustrySafe, Inc. also monitors the server log(s) on an ongoing basis to ensure optimal performance and to capture any unauthorized or suspicious activity.

    Application Security

    All data on the IndustrySafe sites utilize Secure Socket Layer to transmit and encrypt data. In addition each user has a unique username and encrypted password. Each customer has a separate schema so that customers are unable to access the data of other customers. Customer System Administrators can view detailed audit logs of all of their user activity. IndustrySafe, Inc. staff monitors and logs user and site activity for unauthorized or suspicious activity on a daily basis. While IndustrySafe, Inc. has formal procedures to respond to unauthorized and suspicious activity, IndustrySafe, Inc. has not experienced any unauthorized or suspicious activity to date.

    Privacy of Data

    IndustrySafe, Inc. keeps all customer data confidential and will not disclose any data to a third party without the prior written consent of our customer. Our Master Subscription Agreement includes this clause.


    IndustrySafe, Inc. has a 99.5% uptime guarantee not including scheduled maintenance. We notify our customers of scheduled maintenance in advance and conduct scheduled maintenance in non-peak hours. Scheduled maintenance averages 8-10 hours a quarter.