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    Configuring the Responsible Party and Investigator Lists

    The Corrective Action recording form includes fields to record the Investigator (the person assigning the corrective action) and the Responsible Party (the person responsible for completing the corrective action). These two fields list users identified as investigators and responsible parties and who have access to the location of the corrective action.

    To be identified as an investigator or a responsible party, a user must be assigned to a user level where the investigator or a responsible party user role options are selected.  To change a user's user role settings, a system administrator may either modify the user's current user level, assign the user an existing user level with the appropriate settings, or create a new user level for the user.

    To configure the investigator or responsible party user role settings for a user level, a system administrator may follow the steps below.

    1. Go to System Functions > Users > Add/Edit Levels
      • To add a new User Level, click on the Add button, Enter a Name for the User Level, and select the Save button.
    2. Click on the Edit Link next to the User Level you wish to modify.
    3. Check the Investigator and/or Responsible Party user role check boxes to grant users the appropriate roles.
    4. Once you have completed your changes, select the Save button.

    To change the user level that a user is assigned to, a system administrator should follow the steps below.

    1. Go to System Functions > Users > User Summary.
    2. Click on the System ID of the User you wish to update.
    3. Change the value selected in the User Level field to the new user level.
    4. Select the Save Button.

    For more information on getting started with corrective actions, please follow this link.