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    Configuring Fields and Drop Downs in IndustrySafe

    The Edit Forms Section of Setup allows System Administrators to add and edit fields, edit drop down values, configure additional features, and define email alert criteria. To configure a recording form go to System Functions > Setup > Edit Forms and select the name of the recording form and the section you wish to modify. Once the section appears, you may change field labels, make fields required or optional, enable or disable fields, add new fields to the section, and change drop down field options. Once you have made your desired edits be sure to select the Save button to save your changes. You can view the modifications by selecting the View Form button.

    Even more features are available with our Form Editor, which is currently available for Hazards and Corrective Actions. For more information, please refer to our article on the Form Editor.

    On every recording form there are certain fields that the system administrator cannot edit or disable. These fields are critical to the core functions of IndustrySafe. The IndustrySafe hierarchy fields may be configured, but only on the Company Profile form. The changes you make to these fields are displayed on all the other IndustrySafe forms.

    Configuring a Drop Down Field Menu
    To modify the options listed in a drop down field, follow the steps below.

    1. Click on the System Functions wrench in the main menu of IndustrySafe.
    2. In the slide navigation pane, select Setup and then Edit Forms.
    3. In the list of forms, select the recording form where the field appears.
    4. In the list of sections, select the section where the field appears.
    5. Click on the Drop Down hyperlink next to the drop down field you wish to modify.
    6. On the Edit Drop Down screen you may click the add button to add a new option.
    7. Add a value for the new option.
    8. Select the Save button.

    For example, to configure the Incident Type field in the Basic Information section of the New Incident Form:

    1. Go to System Functions > Setup > Edit Forms.
    2. Select New Incident Form for the recording form.
    3. Select Basic Information for the section.
    4. To change the field label to Event Category, simply overwrite the existing name and click the save button.
    5. To change the list of options, click on the Drop Down hyperlink next to the Incident Type field.