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    Changing the Date Range for a Report in the Dashboard

    The IndustrySafe Dashboard allows you to change the date range for reports in two ways. By default, all reports use the custom date range that is specified in the Custom Date Range panel. When the custom date range is changed, the change applies to all dashboard tabs regardless of where it is changed. Reports in individual panels may also be filtered to show data for Year to Date, Last Month, Last Quarter, Past 12 Months, Last Year, and Previous Year to Date.

    To change the type of date range filter used for an individual report
    1. Click the Edit button in the gear of the panel, found in the upper right.
    2. Select the date range filter you wish to use.
    3. Click the Done button to apply your changes.

    You may make other changes to individual reports in this way, such as setting the ranges for speedometer gauges and filtering certain reports by individual.

    If you can't find the Custom Date Range panel, you may add it to a tab by following these steps.

    1. Click on the gear button in the upper right of your tab.
    2. Scroll down to the Custom Date Range panel.
    3. Click the Add button next to the Custom Date Range panel.
    4. Click the Done button.
    5. The Custom Date Range panel will now be displayed in the first column of the dashboard.