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    Single Sign On: 

    Users often have multiple user names and passwords to remember to log in to various software tools.  With IndustrySafe's secure single sign on process, users on a secure intranet can automatically be logged into IndustrySafe without having to log in again.

    IndustrySafe uses the SAML 2.0 standard for Single Sign On.

    View IndustrySafe SAML 2.0 SSO Specifications:

    Multi-lingual Capabilities of IndustrySafe:

    IndustrySafe is available in multiple languages and uses Google translate as a base for its multi-lingual translations.  All languages available in Google Translate can be made available in IndustrySafe.  A list of languages available by Google Translate can be found here:

    While IndustrySafe uses Google Translate as a base, IndustrySafe System Administrators can modify the base and replace default Google Translations with their own translations.

    IndustrySafe System Administrators and IndustrySafe Users can change languages by using the appropriate settings in System Functions.  By default the only language available to your IndustrySafe site is English; IndustrySafe System Administrators will need to contact TRA to enable additional languages.  There is an additional charge for this multi-lingual capability.

    All navigation, tabs, summary screen labels, recording forms, and create report pages are currently available in multiple languages for all modules.

    Please note that at this time the Dashboard and IndustrySafe reports are available in English only.

    User Language Settings

    By default, all IndustrySafe field labels and drop down values are displayed in English.  When adding new users, system administrators may select another language from the list of languages that have been enabled for your site.  A system administrator may also change a user's language setting by going to System Functions > Users > User Summary.  On that screen, click on the System ID for the user, select the appropriate language in the Language field, and select the Save button.  Only languages that have been enabled for your site are listed in the drop down menu.