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    Available Exports

    Exporting Data from IndustrySafe Using the FTP Export Process: 

    IndustrySafe has two types of export available; advanced search exports and FTP exports. The advanced search export is available as a free tool for IndustrySafe users within the IndustrySafe software and allows them to search data and export data to excel. 

    Advanced Search End User Guide

    This guide describes the process for conducting advanced searches using the IndustrySafe Safety Management Software. The advanced search feature allows users to query and search forms within IndustrySafe and to export the search results to Excel. Search criteria can be saved for future use by each individual user. To download and view the guide, click the link below:

    Advanced Search End User Guide

    The FTP export is a separate process that exports IndustrySafe data to a file on the IndustrySafe servers for pick-up by IndustrySafe customers.  The FTP export is an extra cost item payable to IndustrySafe and also involves set-up with your organization’s IT department. The FTP export is available for any module, excluding the Dashboard.

    The standard FTP process usually works as follows. IndustrySafe will provide on a daily scheduled basis FTP export(s) of data from the selected module that includes all records that have either been updated or inserted within the previous 24 hour period. Please note there are separate files for the data; the incident data has two files and all other modules have one file each.

    Each export will include all data columns from the appropriate form and be transmitted in a CSV file to a secure location on the IndustrySafe server.  The file will include a header row that includes the field labels of the data columns on the form. (On days that no data is inserted or updated a header row will be transmitted). IndustrySafe usually stores one week’s worth of files; the oldest file is deleted when the new file is inserted.

    IndustrySafe will set-up a file directory on the IndustrySafe Server that will be accessible to your organization via a secure username and password. This file directory will only be accessible via specifically identified IP addresses. IndustrySafe will modify FileZilla settings to accept access from these identified IP addresses. IndustrySafe will use FileZilla as the secure FTP software.

     IndustrySafe Client Responsibilities: 

    Your organization is responsible for:

    • Retrieving the data from the IndustrySafe identified server on an on-going basis (using an FTP client that is compatible with FileZilla)
    • Providing specific IP addresses allowable for retrieval of identified files.

    Please feel free to contact us for more information and/or to set up your IndustrySafe Exports.