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    Asset Inventory

    System Administrators can complete an asset inventory to include all of their assets (similar to completing a facility profile).   Once the asset inventory is populated in IndustrySafe, key asset information (such as vehicle information) can be auto-populated on the appropriate forms, including the Incident, Inspection, Hazard, and Corrective Action forms. For example, when selecting a vehicle number for a vehicle incident, key vehicle information will be populated on the vehicle section of the incident recording form. Users will also be able to conduct trending on these assets on various reports throughout the IndustrySafe software.

    Adding a New Asset
    To add a new Asset, complete the following steps:

    • Open System Functions by clicking the wrench icon in the top right corner of the page.
    • Select Company Profile on the horizontal menu, then select Add New Asset.
    • Fill out the Basic Information section of the Asset Tracking Form.
    • If the Incidents check box is checked, the asset will be listed in the Vehicle List in the Incidents Module.
    • If the Industrial Hygiene check box is checked, the asset will be listed in the equipment drop down on the Industrial Hygiene Sampling Form.
    • Click the Save button.
    • If all required fields are complete and all data is in a valid format, the successful save message will appear.
    The Asset Tracking Form contains the following default fields: Business Group, Region, Division, Facility, Equipment Category, Equipment Type, Make/Manufacturer, Model, Year, License Plate Number, License Plate State, Latitude, and Longitude. However, these fields may be edited and additional fields may be added to the Asset Tracking Form within System Functions > Setup > Edit Forms.

    Note: You can have an IndustrySafe support specialist import your asset information for you.  Simply populate the following template with your assent information and send it to support@industrysafe.com.