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    Advanced Configuration Settings

    Select IndustrySafe recording forms include Advanced Configuration Settings when using the Edit Forms feature in System Functions.

    For forms with Advanced Configuration Settings, System Administrators will view an additional column labeled "Advanced Settings" on the Edit Forms display.  For fields that have the Advanced Settings feature, Advanced Settings will appear as hyperlink.  On selecting the hyperlink, System Administrators will have the ability to chose a controlling field for the field selected.  The controlling field controls when the selected field will display.  System Administrators can then choose via checkbox the values in the controlling field drop down that will display the selected field.

    If you are using a form with our Form Editor, select the wrench for the field that should have advanced settings. Then select the configure button next to Advanced Settings. Select your controlling field and the values in the controlling field drop down that will display the selected field. Then select "Ok" and "Ok" again. To apply your changes to the form, select "Publish."

    For example, if Department is the Selected Field, System Administrators can chose Worker Type (among other choices) as the Controlling Field, System Administrators can then determine what values of worker type will be enable the department field to display.  For example, the department field will only display if full-time and part-time workers are selected as worker type and the Department field will not display if contractor is selected as the worker type.