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    Adding Tabs to Your Dashboard

    The IndustrySafe Dashboard allows you to group reports into tabs.  Each tab may contain a collection of reports from all the IndustrySafe modules or from a single module.  To add or modify a tab in the dashboard follow the steps below.

    To add a new tab to the Dashboard

    1. Select the Add a New Tab button (to the right of the last tab).
    2. Click the Add button next to the reports you wish to add to the new tab .  You may use the search box at the beginning to search for a Report (the search is case sensitive). When you are finished selecting reports, select the Done button in the bottom right.
    3. The reports you selected will be displayed in panels in the first column of the dashboard.
    4. You may arrange the reports by clicking on a report title and dragging it to a new location.
    5. You can also filter your reports by date range, location, and individual (depending on the report).
    6. To remove a report, click on the gear in the upper right of the panel you want to remove and select Remove.
    7. Enter a name for the tab by selecting the gear in the upper right of your tab and selecting Rename.
    8. Hold your mouse over the tab and move it to the left or right to move the tab to the left or right.

    To modify an existing tab in the Dashboard

    1. Select the tab you wish to modify.
    2. Click the gear button in the upper right of the panel or tab you wish to modify.
    3. Follow the steps above starting at Number 2.