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    Add a New Field

    New fields can be added to any recording forms. When adding a new field the user can define the field label, field type and if it is a required field. If the new field is a drop down, the user can also populate the drop down values. New fields always appear at the end of the section to which they are added.

    Quick Steps Example: Adding a New Field

    1. Open the System Functions module by selecting the System Functions wrench in the main menu.
    2. On the horizontal menu select Set-Up, then select Edit Forms.
    3. In the Recording Form drop down, select the Recording Form for which to add the field.
    4. In the Section drop down, select the Section for which to add the field.
    5. Select the Add a Field button.
    6. A new field will appear at the bottom of the section.
    7. Enter the desired field label. Select the desired field type and indicate if the field should be required.
    8. Select the Save button.
    9. Select the View Form button, to verify that the field was added to the form.
    10. If the field type is Drop Down, select the Edit Drop Down link to enter the appropriate values.