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    IndustrySafe Release Notes – Spring 2015 – 5.6

    IndustrySafe Release Notes - Spring 2015 - 5.6

    We, at TRA, make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the software. Please provide us feedback on this release or provide suggestions for new releases here: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, please contact us at

    A more detailed PowerPoint presentation on the release is available here.

    For more information about IndustrySafe's 5.6 Update, check out our latest YouTube video.

    5.6 Webinars

    We will be offering free live webinars covering the new features in the 5.6 Updates. Use the links below to register for these webinars and visit our webnar page for a complete list of upcomming and recorded webinars:

    Form Editor

    The 5.6 update includes a Form Editor for Hazards and Corrective Actions that provides IndustrySafe System Administrators greater flexibility when configuring their recording forms.  Over time, the Form Editor will become available for our other modules and will replace Edit Forms.  The main features of the Form Editor are explained below and in a short video.

    Reorder Fields and Sections

    Users can reorder fields and sections to put them in any order throughout the recording form.

    Rename Fields and Sections

    Fields and sections on the recording form can be renamed so the site can be completely configured to use your organization’s terminology.

    Create New Fields and Sections

    Users can create new fields and new sections with additional field types.

    Remove Fields and Sections

    Users can remove fields and sections from the recording form.


    Tooltips, which can contain instructions or hyperlinks to help end users, are able to be added to any field.


    Multiple Columns

    Multiple columns can be added to the form which can help reduce the length of a form.

    What You See Is What You Get

    The Form Editor will display the form exactly how an end user would be viewing the form.

    Automatic Save

    Any changes that are made within Form Editor are saved automatically. If a change was made in error, we have an “Undo” function. When changes are complete, select “Publish” to apply your changes to the form.

    New Incident Email Alert Updates

    You will now have more options when configuring your new incident email alerts. As a reminder, you can configure your new incident alerts by selecting the System Functions wrench, followed by Setup and Edit Forms. Then select the New Incident Form as your recording form and Email Alerts as your section.

    With the new update, you are now able to configure up to six alerts for new incidents, in addition to the standard alerts for Employee Injuries and OSHA Recordable Incidents.  Previously, you were able to configure 3 alerts for new incidents.

    Configure Email Alert Triggers

    In addition, you now have more options to choose from when configuring the new incident alerts. Previously you could configure the alert so it was only sent when a specific incident type or worker type value was selected on the New Incident Form.  You can now use the fields for Incident Type, Worker Type, Section, Location, Probability, and Severity to trigger the email alert and you can select multiple values for each field. For each filter you select, select one value or multiple values by holding down your control key. For example, you can now configure a new incident alert for incident type "Employee Injury" and "Near Miss" and worker type "Full-Time Employee" and "Contractor."  The alert will be triggered when one of the values listed for each filter is selected on the New Incident Form.

    New Incident Email Alert

    Set Email Alert Recipients

    Once you setup your new incident alerts, you can determine which user levels get each alert by selecting the System Functions wrench, followed by Users and Add/Edit Levels. Then select the Edit link for the User Level you want to modify.  On the Edit User Level page, check the boxes of the new incident alerts that should be sent to users with this user level.

    User Level