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    IndustrySafe Release Notes - Spring 2013 - 5.2

    5.2 Release Notes
    We, at TRA, make a tremendous effort of incorporating your ideas and suggestions into IndustrySafe. To address your needs and concerns, we constantly make updates to the software. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, please contact Gabriel Tompkins, Project Manager (

    5.2 Webinar Series
    We will be offering free live webinars covering the new features in the 5.2 Update for the dates and times listed below. The webinars will also be recorded and feel free to contact us for additional sessions if these dates/times do not work for you.

    • March 20th, 5.2 Webinar Update, 11:00AM Recording
    • April 10th, 5.2 Webinar Update, 11:00AM Recording
    • April 25th, 5.2 Webinar Update, 11:00AM Recording

    Multiple Selection on the Summary Screens
    All of the IndustrySafe summary screens now include the ability to select multiple drop down values for the drop downs included in the summary screen search criteria.  Previously, only one drop down value per drop down could be selected per search.  The ability to select multiple drop down values per drop down will allow all end users to conduct more in-depth and detailed summary screen searches.

    Home Module Redesign
    The Home Module has a brand new look and feel and many more features.  From April 15th to May 15th, the Home Module will be offered free to all clients who are not currently subscribing to the Home Module.  If you would like to continue using the Home Module after May 15th, please contact us for pricing.

    New Features of the Home Module include:

    • Bubble Chart displaying all key activity for your organization over the past 30 days with the ability to drill down to view selected activity
    • Recent Items display allowing you to select and go to your most recent action within the Software
    • My Open Items displaying any items that have a status of open and are assigned to you
    • Enhanced Add Button allowing you to add any type of record including documents to the document library
    • Events and Tasks Summaries allowing users (with the appropriate permissions) to view and search events and tasks for the entire organization (previously users could only easily see their events and tasks).

    Enhanced Incident Log Report
    We are starting to roll out our new enhanced reporting features starting with the popular incident log report.  Our end user guide on these new features is available. This report now has numerous new features as follows:

    • On-the-fly reporting:  Filter and sort in real time without having to generate a separate report each time
    • Layout: Choose from a list of columns those you want to display in the log
    • Filter:  Ability to create sophisticated and complex filters including multi-select, starts with, contains etc.
    • Group:  Group incidents by multiple criteria including locations, incident type, employee etc.
    • Aggregate:  Ability to count or total incidents by grouping; i.e. count how many incidents of each incident type or how many incidents by employee etc.
    • Chart:  Create a chart of your incident log data and export to the dashboard.
    • Crosstab:  Create a crosstab or pivot table of your data
    • Save:  Ability to save your report settings (previously all reporting settings were reset after leaving that report)

    Enhanced Email Notification Tracking
    For all emails within IndustrySafe sent using the Send Email button, located on the recording form, more tracking features are available.  Users now have the ability to track recipients of the email as well as the time and message sent.  (Previously only the sender and date were tracked).  This email notification page can also be branded with logo and previous messages can be included in all future email notifications.

    New Closed Hazards Email Notification
    A new automatic email notification is available in the Hazards Module.  This alert will allow users who reported the Hazard to receive automatic email notification once the Hazard is closed.

    New Claims Payment Log Report
    The Claims Module has a new log report that easily allows users to view the claims payment history of individual or multiple claims.

    New Dashboard Style.
    The IndustrySafe Dashboard has been updated with a more modern and fresh look and feel.

    The detailed PowerPoint for the 5.2 Release is available here.