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IndustrySafe Safety Management Software enables organizations to manage a wide variety of safety data and to achieve regulatory compliance.

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IndustrySafe Safety Software provides organizations with safety data management tools including incident tracking, OSHA reporting and OSHA logs, inspections, training, hazards, corrective actions and more.

  • Home

    With the Home Module, users can schedule and view all of their related safety activities, including tasks, events, inspections, corrective actions, and training.
  • Dashboard 

    The Dashboard Module enables senior executives, managers, and safety professionals to view key safety performance metrics.

  • Incidents

    The Incidents Module enables organizations to collect relevant incident data and analyze trends through an extensive incident reporting and investigation module. Includes OSHA log reporting.
  • Claims

    With the Claims Module, companies can link various types of claims (including worker's compensation, property damage, and auto) to an incident report and generate a state-specific first report of injury.
  • Corrective Actions

    The Corrective Actions Module enables organizations to generate plans for incidents, hazards, safety inspections, security activities and observations.
  • Hazards

    The Hazards Module enables organizations to identify, analyze and evaluate hazardous conditions.
  • Training

    The Training Module provides tracking and analyzing of training activities, including the training history of employees.
  • Industrial Hygiene

    The Industrial Hygiene Module of IndustrySafe Safety Software allows users to track and analyze industrial hygiene activities including qualitative exposure assessments, area sampling, and personal monitoring. Agents can be tracked and recorded as well as Similar Exposure Groups.
  • Observations

    The Observation Module focuses on behavioral based safety techniques and allows Managers and Supervisors to conduct observations on employees involved in safety-critical behavior.
  • Inspections

    The Safety Inspections Module includes forms and pre-built checklists, enabling users to perform and track compliance rates of on-site safety inspections.
  • Job Safety Analysis

    IndustrySafe’s Job Safety Analysis (JSA) module allows you to identify the potential hazards associated with each step of a task and set appropriate controls to mitigate risks.

  • SDS & Chemical Management

Manage your organization's SDS collections and chemical inventory online from any web-enabled computer or mobile device.

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IndustrySafe Safety Management Software offers affordable and cost-effective pricing to organizations of all sizes.

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IndustrySafe provides a powerful safety management software to enable organizations to improve safety and achieve regulatory compliance.

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